Ben Affleck is reunited with his ex, while JLo is still in Europe | Celebs U

They caught the actor with Jennifer Garner on his return to Los Angeles.


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Ben Affleck he just went through the most rushed wedding and honeymoon in the show. And it is that without many knowing, he and Jennifer Lopez They decided to get married in Las Vegas, in an austere chapel, accompanied by few people. After that ceremony, as a trip to celebrate, they planned a getaway to Paris, where they were seen very close, romantic, thoughtful and even crying, all as proof that their relationship is a roller coaster.

After that fairy tale ride, where they also took their teenage daughters Emme and Seraphine, Ben is now back in Los Angeles, where the first stop was with Jennifer Garnerex who was married to him for 13 years and is the mother of his three children.

The press, which has not left the actor alone since he announced the return to his relationship with JLo, captured him in Pacific Palisades, the luxurious neighborhood where he and Garner are frequently seen doing their normal lives, and where this time he played pick up his son Samuel who went swimming with his mom.

From the place where Ben was waiting at the bars, Garner was seen leaving wrapped in a towel, after waiting for his son to meet his father, with whom he was later seen walking hand in hand towards his car, as usual. happen in your daily life. Nothing out of the ordinary for everyone involved in this new big family, who seem to be combining couples and ex-partners very well and in Ben’s new family nest with JLo.

Meanwhile, it is known that Jennifer Lopez, who changed her last name to Lynn Affleck, is still in Europe accompanied by her children, showing that in this family there is also freedom, trust and many things to solve in the daily routine.

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