Barbie is still in force more than 6 decades later

Since its creation in 1959, the iconic doll Barbie It revolutionized the gaming market. Today, more than 6 decades later, he still sets a trend, especially at a historical moment in which his face will finally be brought to the big screen with real actors like margot robbie Y Ryan Goslingwho will be responsible for starring in the film that will see the light from next year.

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In addition to this, according to data from pinterestsearches for “Barbie” have increased 51% over the past year, while those for the “brunette barbie”, launched in 1980, has increased 95% of searches on the inspiration platform.

Specifically, some searches that users perform and that have grown considerably are: Ideas for “Barbie outfit” have increased 70 times, “Barbie-style nails” have doubled, “Barbie makeup” has increased by 73%, while “Barbie decoration” has grown 10 times.

But that does not stop there, as Pinterest also reports the growth in searches for things that show that people make the enigmatic doll part of their style, such as “Birthday Barbie”, “Barbie costumes”, “Barbie invitation” and “ theme party Barbie”, all of these with significant exponential growth that go beyond 100%.

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The full name of the doll is Barbara Millicent Robertsand was created by Ruth Handler, and since its inception has shown its multifaceted capabilities with the motto “Be what you want to be”, that is why Barbie has worked in countless professions and trades, and managed to get ahead of Neil Armstrong, because in 1965 an astronaut version of him was already being sold that traveled to the moon.

This has served to empower girls and teach them that they, too, can be whatever they want to be, for more than 60 years.


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