Ariana Grande goes viral for this image and everyone comments the same

Ariana Grande has caused a wave of criticism with her latest Instagram post. The American artist was in the news a few days ago for having recreated the iconic style that Jennifer Garner wore in the movie “The Dream of My Life”, however, these photographs have generated a debate.

Apparently, one of these images published on social networks by the artist herself, has raised the assumption that Ariana Grande could have undergone some cosmetic retouching.

A debate that has generated all kinds of opinions about the artist. While some followers of the interpreter of ‘God is a woman’ are convinced that it is about the photo and the makeup that she wears in the image, and even the use of a filter on the image, others believe that it is due to an aesthetic retouching.

In the picture, Ariana Grande wears a Versace dress with which she honored Jennifer Garner, as well as a hairstyle with which he also paid tribute to the actress. However, both her hairstyle and her dress faded into the background after rumors of a supposed retouch began.

“I hadn’t recognized her”, “She’s very rare”, “Has any retouching been done?”, “She looks more and more like Madison Beer”, “She’s back to the old one, please” or “I’ve had a hard time recognizing her ยป, are some of the comments that can be read on his Instagram post.

In the image, some features of the artist’s face appear a little more different from her usual face. However, everything could be about the filter with which the image has been edited. And as expected, Ariana Grande has also received all kinds of messages of support in the publication, due to the criticism he had been receiving since he decided to publish it.

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