Anne Hathaway also wants to be barbie

Anne Hathaway has become the center of attention, in Italy, and on social networks, by joining the ‘Barbiecore’ style, after wearing an outfit that caught everyone’s attention at the Fall Haute Couture collection parade -Winter 2022 by Couture Valentino, made in Rome. The protagonist of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ has become a fashion icon of our generation and has shown it by captivating with a mini pink sequined dress like a ‘barbie’, similar to the looks of the Kardashians sisters and other celebrities who have appropriated the ‘pink’ style.

The movie ‘barbie’, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, has become one of the most anticipated, but while it arrives, the ‘Barbiecore’ style has taken over Hollywood and there are already several celebrities and influencers who have joined to wear pink outfits, typical of the famous doll. Anne Hathaway was part of the names of the possible protagonists of the film directed by Greta Gerwig, and although she was not part of the cast, she surprised with a style very similar to the well-known toy, where only the blonde hair was missing.

Anne Hathaway

The well-known ‘Barbiecore’ is a style that is inspired by the Barbie doll and among its characteristics are the famous pink color, glitter, mini skirt, shiny accessories and mini bags among other things. This dress code is based on a bubblegum pink color, with some edgy and exaggerated touches that really catch the eye.

Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber and Queen Letizia are some of the women who revealed some doll-style outfits and accessories. In turn, some men like Sebastian Stan, Justin Bieber and Jared Leto joined. Recently Megan Fox and her partner Machine Gun Kelly attended the premiere of the documentary ‘Life In Pink’, dressed as real life Barbie and Ken, literally wearing pink from head to toe. In addition, the Kardashian sisters, who could not miss this trend, have also published images on their networks as authentic ‘Barbies’. Khlo√© donned a spectacular pink latex dress and went viral on social media. While her sister Kim de Ella, she traded in her black gothic Balenciaga lycra for pastel pink pantaboots, accompanied by a cropped zip-up hoodie and a Balenciaga bag, which she posted on her Instagram account earlier in the day. of the month of June.

But without a doubt, Anne Hathaway and the Valentino collection have confirmed that the ‘BarbieCore’ trend is here to stay a while longer.. The 41-year-old actress looked spectacular in her Valentino look with a bright pink sequined peplum minidress, with long sleeves, a high neck, accompanied by the famous matching platforms and the classic house bag, but in a mini version. With her long, loose brown hair, the Oscar winner posed like a top model for the cameras. She only lacked the blonde hair, but the actress’s pose and charm were enough to go viral as a Barbie.

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