Amber Heard refused to win for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ a multimillion dollar figure during her divorce with Johnny Depp

Not long ago we told you that Johnny Depp demanded to change ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ so that Jack Sparrow would not have to face a female villain. Now it’s time to go back to the film released five years ago because some leaks from the trial that pitted Depp against Amber Heard have revealed that she refused to take half of the actor’s salary in the Disney-produced film.

Heard’s surprising decision

It all boils down to Depp making ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ while he was still married to Heard, so she had the right half of your earnings. Taking into account that it is estimated that the actor earned 55 million for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ and that it was said that it would cost 90 million to bring him back for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’, it is logical to think that for the fifth installment he earned an unknown amount between 55 and 90.

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Thus, Heard would have earned more for a movie she hadn’t been in than for her entire acting career.since his current fortune is estimated to be around 8 million dollars, having received 2 million for Aquaman 2‘ -for the first he won 1 million-, that is known, the role for which he has received the most. In addition, it is estimated that between 2013 and 2019, the peak years of her career, she had total earnings of 10 million.

The massive leak of documents that could not be included in the recent trial includes several messages from Heard’s lawyers begging her to reconsider that decision, which led to an email from her legal representatives saying that she was being “incredibly true to his word that this is not about the money”. sounds laudablebut things change a bit when we remember that he lied about having donated to charitable causes the 7 million dollars that he finally received in the divorce settlement.

Having said that, Heard may now regret that decision, Well, she was sentenced to pay something more than 10 million dollars to Depp -eye, that the actor was also sentenced, but in his case only to pay 2 million-, money that could have come from there. Of course, everything indicates that the legal battle is not over yet and that there will be all the appeals that the United States legal system allows.

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