Amber Heard Could Have Made Her Career Salary For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Without Working On It, But She Turned It Down – Movie News

The actress declined the juicy possibility of having earned more than her entire acting career from Disney without having to lift a finger.

It is always tempting when they offer you an exorbitant amount of money in exchange for not working, but not everyone falls for it so easily. In a way, that’s what happened to Amber Heard, who refused to obtain from Disney a sum of money greater than what he has earned in his entire career as an interpreter.

It really would not have come directly from Disney, but as a result of her divorce with Johnny Depp, but that money would come in relation to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge. heard refused half of the salary that would correspond to the actor for the film, which he shot while they were still married and would have been provided to him by signing the divorce papers.

Having been entitled to half of Depp’s earnings, she would have received half of the salary she received for the fifth installment of the Pirates saga, located at about 90 million dollars according to Forbes. To her 45 million would have correspondedwhich far exceeds the 2 million he has earned for his biggest movie to date, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and also his own 8 million fortune.

In the leaks of the documents not included in the recent trial for defamation between the two actors, it is revealed that Heard’s legal team strongly advised her to reconsider her decision to turn down the money. The actress remained true to her conviction that “this is not about money.”

The 6,000 pages that did not make it to Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard: Messages from Marilyn Manson and the actress’s past as an exotic dancer

Depp sued Heard for defamation over an opinion piece published in the Washington Post in which the actress spoke about her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse. The actor won and the interpreter will have to pay him 15 million dollars. The jury also found defamation by the actor through his former lawyer Adam Waldman and Depp will have to pay the actress $2 million. Both have filed an appeal against the ruling..

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