Alberto Guerra celebrates 4 years of a new life

The zeal with which alberto war assumed the difficult circumstances of his past is what allowed him to get ahead throughout these years, as the actor confessed in a recent publication, one of the most personal to date. Emotional, the heartthrob of cinema, theater and television opened his heart like few times to celebrate his life and his present, in which not only his profession is his great motivation, but above all, his family and the marriage he consummated with Zuria Vega They are reasons of total pride for him. Likewise, the interpreter emphasized how much he enjoys his new stage, in which he managed to give meaning to his life thanks to the support of his family, which also allowed him to reaffirm his passion for the stage, after having doubts about whether that It was what he really wanted.



Alberto took to his social networks to make his celebration public, giving the deserved credit to those who somehow pushed him to stand up. “4 years without drugs or alcohol. I started to ‘celebrate’ my sobriety on this beautiful social network, inspired by the crack @anarconde, who continues to be an example for me. It’s been 4 years since I had to redefine my way of relating to the world and, above all, to myself. They have been the best years of my life, without a doubt … ”, wrote the actor in the first lines, who illustrated his text with a photo in the pose with his children, Lua Y Luke. Of course, she also tagged the two other important women in her life, her eldest daughter, Penelopeas well as his wife Zuriawho do not appear in the photo.

Next, Guerra reflected on the misconceptions that exist about some aspects of masculinity, and how this affects those who are vulnerable. “The thing with addictions and mental health is that they are still a taboo subject. It’s still a stigma, because men’s mental health still is. This is how we were taught, being an addict, asking for help, talking with your loved ones and with someone specialized automatically makes you a weak man. You’re less of a man if you don’t drink that mezcalito. You have to keep answering questions pe…, you have to keep explaining that 0.0 is a beer but without alcohol and that yes, that’s how you want to drink it, without alcohol… ”, he pointed out.


sheltered by his family

With his heart in his hand, Alberto Guerra, who has participated in productions such as idol war, Ungovernable and recently Griseldaa production in which he works together with Sofia Vergara, dedicated a few lines to his family and other loved ones, because it is thanks to them that he has been able to consolidate the stability that he enjoys today, also enthusiastic about the rewards that his career on stage has left him. “It’s been 4 years of enjoying mine in the best way, of surrounding myself with cool people. 4 years in which I went from having no p… idea of ​​how to conceive life, from ‘getting into’ something and even doubting if I could continue acting… ”, he wrote.

Finally, the actor made a general balance of how everything is going for now, happy that harmony and calm persist in all its areas. That yes, he also referred to how much his health has benefited from the favorable turn that he decided to give at the time. “Life, today, is more ch… than ever. My family, my job, new and old friends (those that remain) and my liver thank me daily. So… let’s keep enjoying ourselves, we’re on top of the world”, he said. Of course, Zuria reacted to her husband’s words, praising her celebration and acknowledging the strength that the father of her children had not to lower his guard. “To continue enjoying. It’s easy to say but ufff… bravo, today is a happy day”, commented the actress.


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