Actress reveals that Leonardo DiCaprio had a bad smell

26 years after the film was released ‘Romeo and Juliet‘, starring one of the most recognized actors of Hollywood, Leonardo Dicapriosome behind-the-scenes details were revealed.

Again Leonardo DiCaprio has monopolized covers, but this time the reason is very different and somewhat embarrassing.

Miriam Margolyes, actress who gave life to the character of the nurse, told a somewhat uncomfortable anecdote, because according to Miriam the actor was the least clean of the cast and used to give off a rather unpleasant smell, “It was a bit smelly because it was very hot in Mexico,” he said .

However, he later decided to excuse the actor’s bad smell, attributing the stench to his young age, but this did not reassure DiCaprio fans.

It’s not the first time

This would not be the first time that these comments about the actor have arisen, he himself would have made it known that he does not bathe more than 3 times a week and does not use deodorant either, due to his activism in caring for the environment, something he has shown throughout his career.

His commitment is such that the actor starred in a documentary in Netflix called “Before it’s late” On caring for the environment, it should be noted that DiCaprio has not received anything in return for all the work he has been doing for many years to care for the planet.

Most likely, people will continue to comment on the actor’s habits, but this will not be a reason for him to stop fighting for what he really wants.

In the same way, we have much to enjoy Leonardo Dicapriowho has not only played the movie ‘Romeo and Juliet’, but also one of the best classics in history, ‘Titanic’.

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