A concept art of Gorr for Thor 4 shows a more comical version of the character

Artist Aleksi Briclot shows a concept art of Gorr from Thor: Love and Thunder more faithful to the comics than the final result

Thor: Love and Thunder premiered a few weeks ago and we were able to see in all its splendor the powerful hatthe butcher of gods. The villain of the film played by Christian bale liked many of the fans for the great work of the actor, although they highlighted that the visual appearance of the character It didn’t look too much like the one in the vignettes. Now, a visual artist from the film shows us some of the first concept art from hat for the film, where we can see him with a much more faithful appearance to that of the comics.

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A Cap more faithful to the one in the comics

hat it was created in 2013 by Jason Aaron Y Esad Ribic for the series of Thor: God of Thunder. The butcher of gods renounces his faith in the gods after the death of his entire family and plans to destroy them all using the powerful necrosword. the look of hat in the movie Taika Waititi He bears some similarities to the one in the comics, such as his pasty white skin, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. However, other characteristic details of the character were missing, such as the tentacles Y crushed nosewhich were removed to give it a more humanoid appearance.

After seeing the first conceptual images shared by the visual artist Alex Briclot through its Instagramwe can observe an aspect of hat much closer to that of the vignettes. In these designs the face and head of the butcher of gods are more reptilian, including the famous tentacles of the character. In the film hat he wears a long white cape that covers his entire body, but in the concept art we can see one more torso «naked» similar to the one in the comics, with torso armor that matches the character’s skin and the style of the necrosword.

This version of hat perhaps it would have improved the already creepy aspect of Christian bale in the movie, he becomes one of the most terrifying villains in Marvel Studios together with Scarlet Witch of Elizabeth Olsen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. briclot mentions some reasons why it was finally necessary to make changes in the appearance of hatlike the nudity itself that it supposed or that when sinking the nose of Christian bale too closely resembled his own Voldemortthe ultimate villain Harry Potter.

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