5 Netflix movies not to lose faith in the human being

Cinema is a mirror of the culture it wants to reflect. A phrase that has been repeated frequently since the first experiments with moving projection on farms and fairs in the early 20th century. But beyond that, it is also a sounding board about the worst and the best of the time that you want to show. How could it be otherwise, there are Netflix movies that show that there is hope with the human being, although the times we have lived through do not point to it.

The cinema is, in fact, the great interlocutor of our time. The art that contains all the arts, recounts the history of countries, moments and great events. But at the same time, it does something else. It is able to find the best of man and circumstance of him. Take it to a new level. Develop new answers to old questions. Deconstruct symbols to raise new ones. In the end, cinema is the language of a generation that recognizes itself in its narratives. That joins in a collective show of considerable magnitude.

So we bring you five Netflix movies that will reconcile you to human nature. That they show you the best, the most sublime and sensitive that, perhaps, goes unnoticed in real life.

miracles from heaven

adaptation of the book Miracles From Heaven by Christy Beam, it is, as its title indicates, of the story of an incomprehensible experience. When Anna (Kylie Rogers) falls ill with an almost incurable medical condition, science is unable to help her. But her mother (Jennifer Garner) will try everything in her power to give the girl relief and a possible cure. Along the way, she will discover that the mystery is not fully explained clearly, even for the most reputable experts. Then, Anna suddenly heals. What happened? The film is the recreation of the surprise and bewilderment that such an enigmatic event awakens.

However, beyond a confrontation between science and the inexplicable, miracles from heaven raises an unknown. How willing are we to believe in divine intervention in especially hard times? It is not an easy question and the Netflix movie does not formulate it from blind belief. One of its most relevant points is that, in fact, it explores the relationship between disbelief and trust in the invisible. Is the possibility of a prodigy real that the world of science and technology cannot encompass, much less deepen?

In the same way that it happens in the book from which it comes, miracles in heaven is not interested in answering, judging or giving an opinion about miracles or faith. Before that, he poses a respectful perspective of conscience about the extraordinary. Much of the script is based on a peculiar look at unexplained healings. But at the same time, it is a reflection on the ability to accept the transcendental.

Do we believe in the impossible? Actually, more than the healing of a girl thanks to a divine event, the film narrates the possibility of what is beyond certainty.

Eat Pray Love

What are the great goals of contemporary life? Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) seems to have achieved them all. She has a moderately happy marriage, a job that interests her in a lukewarm way and a routine life without major surprises. She until one day she asks herself questions that she never expected to ask herself. This is enough? Is this all that life has to offer? The story, based on the spiritual, philosophical and moral journey of the real Liz Gilbert, It’s an elegant understanding of fear. Also about the uncertainty of adult life, the search for new challenges and, in the end, the decision to start over.

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the Netflix movie is that it refuses to take familiar places to tell an apparently topical story. Liz aspires to freedom, but later she will find that, in reality, she seeks self-knowledge. And it is that slight nuance, what she offers to Eat Pray Love his curious personality. Liz’s inner and outer journey is a journey of enlightenment. However, they are a series of questions that urgently need answers. The character, who embodies her contemporary discomfort and bewilderment, is full of sharp nuances on a private despair. And Roberts, an expert in interpreting complex women whose invisible world evades simple explanations, makes her endearing and honest.

In the end, the argument shows that in the same way as the real Liz, the fictional Liz goes in search of her face. The one that is reflected in the great amazing landscapes that she contemplates with delight. In the new life that she found with effort. In need of a kind of sublime spiritual wisdom. A sensitive premise that is uplifting in its sincere simplicity.

Between two worlds

Tessa (Joy King) has lost too much despite her youth. And in the midst of the deepest pain, she will understand that this inner silence is, perhaps, a way to die. Then the inexplicable will happen. Or in any case, an experience that shows that the intangible is much more powerful than you could imagine.

Does love survive death? The old topic comes this time in the guise of teen drama. But beyond its softness and predictable sweetened tone, Between two worlds explore a sincere message. What keeps us alive in the midst of devastating situations? What is on the other side of what has no name and is often directly described as prodigious?

The Netflix film does not seek to give great answers, much less existentialists. But it does something else: remember that great personal deeds begin with the decision to understand the unknown. A tiny and curious message in the middle of a deceptively simple script.

Be dad

When Matthew (Kevin Hart) loses his wife, he must take on the responsibility of being a single father. But he, too, travels the strange path of understanding the depth of a whole new emotional bond. The Netflix film, without great pretensions and ambitions, explores contemporary fatherhood with great delicacy. The script is eloquent enough to explore the masculine in a world obsessed with strength and virility.

In a performance completely off the charts, Hart commits to his role and delivers a moving performance. From the inevitable laughter at the clumsiness of a new parent, to the loneliness of absence. Hart manages to create a character that encompasses not only the suffering version of grief, but the rebirth of hope. All while he tries to deal with his limitations, the fear of a situation that often overwhelms him, and love.

Rarely, fatherhood shows up in all your everyday dilemmas. But Being a Father pulls it off with elegance and a refined instinct regarding often-unseen domestic conflicts. The film neither seeks nor succeeds in reinventing the formula about what makes a good father. However, he achieves it through a game of questions about the nature of love, solidarity and the spiritual. Quite a surprise in Hart’s filmography.

the theory of everything

Scientist Stephen Hawking’s personal life is often overshadowed by his great scientific discoveries. But it was a journey of pure will, love and hope against a disabling and even deadly medical diagnosis, out of necessity. At the age of 21 and while he was studying his first university studies, the future scientist was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. An ailment that affects brain and motor activity. Hawking not only had to face the relentless advance of the painting, but also the possibility of an early death.

Only he didn’t die. In fact, his case could be described as a prodigy based on Hawking’s tenacious character to overcome adversity. Despite weakness and then paralysis, the expert managed to become one of the most important scientific figures in history. The movie the theory of everythingnarrates his attempts to overcome his own limitations and succeed in a challenging environment.

But besides that, it is also a moving love story, in which his wife Jane Hawking has a place of considerable importance. Between both versions of the story, the film delves into the human spirit amid the fear of physical pain and physical vulnerability. And at the same time, in search of a greater purpose capable of sustaining a profound journey through a valuable intellectual and emotional message.

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