The truth about the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


Before they became a couple, Ben Affleck shouted the praises of Jennifer Lopez on the pages of The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. But he didn’t settle for your banal promotional interview with the publications; instead, he paid about $ 20,000 to run ads praising Lopez, according to the Evening Standard. “You have shown kindness, dedication, diligence, humility, kindness of spirit, beauty in courage, great empathy, amazing talent, true balance and true grace,” reads Affleck’s professional love letter to his co-star.

After they started dating, she explained to Vanity Fair that she thought she was doing Lopez a favor by complimenting her in such a garish way before “Gigli” was released in theaters. “Jen had developed this reputation as a diva… I wanted to register with the industry to counter it,” she explained.

On Lopez’s part, he used his art to describe what he was feeling, writing a love song aptly titled “Dear Ben”. The text included: “I don’t think they understand / Because I love at your command / From the words you say / So deep our bodies meet.” Affleck also appeared in Lopez’s “Jenny From the Block” music video, which included visual references to the audience’s obsession with Bennifer and Affleck’s affection for his darling’s derriere. “[It was] a comment on the tabloid paparazzi’s insane attention, ”Affleck told Vanity Fair. “We were trying to say, ‘Look how silly he is!’ while at the same time it has to be fun and sexy. “


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