New romance? After a lawsuit with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is captured with a beautiful Mexican actress

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Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana.- A few weeks ago, a dear Mexican actress revealed, through his official account Twitter who had met Johnny Deppassuring that he had already found him again father to his two sonseven stated that he would ask one of them for permission to start his relationship with the famous actor Pirates of the Caribbean. This Thursday, August 4, the celebrity shared a Photography with the Hollywood star… could it be that a new romance is brewing in show business?

It’s about the beloved celebrity, Veronica Castrowho appeared in melodramas such as The successful Perez, The House of Flowers, Rich people cry too Y Wild Rose. Yes, there is no love affair between the two celebrities, it seems that they did have an encounter in Tijuanathis according to information from the famous when i’m youngwhere apparently he would have asked the actor of fantastic animals, Scissorhands Y Charlie and the Chocolate Factorylet them take a photo.

Just now that he is in Tijuana I found you the father for Cristian, I hope you agree with me because if not, I’m sorry, he’s all my type, “said the famous woman on July 23.

Verónica Castro’s tweet from July 23

A week and a half after this, Verónica Castro shared the photograph that would have been taken with the ex-husband of Amber Heard and, it seems that his liking for Depp is so great that he even described him as a “charming prince“For their part, several of their followers were happy to see the former driver of Big Brother VIP so happy, while there were those who shared an image in Photoshopwhere other girls appeared instead of ‘Vero’, assuring that Johnny was really her boyfriend.

Veronica Castro with Johnny Depp

This is not the first time in the week that Verónica Castro gives something to talk about and it is that last Monday, July 1, the promotional of her new film was officially shared, along with Natasha Dupeyron, when i’m youngin which both will give life to a woman who seeks to have a second chance to be happy, after she put aside her entire life to take care of her children, now it is destiny that allows her to be young again to become into the successful singer she could become.

Sources: Tribune, Twitter @vrocastroficial

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