La Nación / Rain of memes after the enabling of the pedestrian crossing in Eusebio Ayala

The ingenuity and humor of Paraguayans are highlighted in networks after the publicized authorization of a controversial 32-meter tunnel for pedestrian crossing in the middle of km 75.1 of route PY02, in the city of Eusebio Ayala (Cordillera). After the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) celebrated the brand new work on its Twitter, the memes were immediate.

The rain of graphic jokes began in the comments of the MOPC tweet about the enabling of the pedestrian crossing: “Surely the engineer was received in virtual classes”, “Future tunnel of the assault”, “It seems like the tunnel made by ‘El Chapo’ , inspired”, “Who in their right mind would pass by there?”, “There is a bit of pedestrian crossing in that bunker”, “Gift with a bow for the chespis”, among others.

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Meme of the Rose scene from Titanic, indicating a ‘possible’ flood inside the pedestrian walkway. Photo: Courtesy.

Likewise, the memes illustrate possible future floods with the scene of Rose (played by actress Kate Winslet) from the famous movie “Titanic” (1997), when the water invades the emblematic ship that crashed into an iceberg in 1912. Also a funny, but scary meme that indicates the presence of “The Nun” from the movie “The Conjuring”, the pombero, or even another composition that illustrates the “new” use of the pedestrian crossing as a den for criminals and even a setting for possible assaults.

Other comments question the steep slope of the inclusive ramp, stating that it would be very dangerous for a person in a wheelchair to cross. “Parkour for people in wheelchairs”, “Not even in the xGames did I see such steep ramps”, “I love the slope of the ramp…”, “Whoever raised that murderous ramp must go to jail”, were some of these opinions .

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Meme that illustrates the presence of the ´Nun´ from the movie “El conjuro” inside the pedestrian crossing. Photo: Courtesy.

Many have already baptized the pedestrian crossing as the “passage of death” due to the insecurities that indicate that they could occur using the infrastructure; Likewise, they indicate that it will not take long for the site to be impregnated with graffiti and criminals.

Not a minor fact is that the underpass has a length of 32 meters. Access would be stairs and ramps from the two entry points. Likewise, the lighting that is part of the work is a special system for underground roads that has motion sensors, which will automatically provide lighting with the presence of pedestrians, so it will turn off without their presence to save electric power.

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It illustrates the ´new´ use of the pedestrian crossing as a den for criminals and even a stage for possible assaults. Photo: Courtesy.

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