Katy Perry makes the ugly Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend

The trend of mash filterwhich is supposed to tell the future of whoever uses it, has gone viral in TikTok and Katy Perry He did not want to miss the opportunity to know what fate has in store for him.

The singer used the filter that guesses how many children she will have, what her house will be and what model of car is ideal for her and who will be her lover. Precisely in this last aspect she caught the attention of her followers.

According to the filter, Perry’s lover would be Peter Davidsonwho is a comedian and boyfriend in turn of the socialite kim kardashian. But he didn’t seem to like this, as she made a disgusted face.

@katyperry No offense @Kim Kardashian ♬ House With A View – Cyn

It was all a joke, because in the description of the video, the interpreter of ‘darkhorse‘ he asked Kardashian and, by the way, his partner, Orlando Bloomnot to be offended.

“No offense @Kim Kardashian (And Orlando?),” he wrote on the social network.

Neither Kim Kardashian nor her boyfriend have responded to the cute video. She hasn’t either. Orlando Bloomto whom he referred because the filter revealed that he would have six children.

The singer and actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ They have been together for more than three years, in which they procreated their little girl, Daisy DoveBloom.


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