Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Jlo’s ex-husband: “Why it won’t last”

While Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck they enjoy these days of vacation (after the Capri concert) as husband and wife (the couple got married in a civil ceremony in Las Vegas on July 17), there are those who have tried to ruin the idyllic moment. From Jlo’s past came her first husband, Ojiani Noa, who, in an interview with the Daily Mail, explained that, in his opinion, his ex-wife’s fourth nuptials won’t last long. “I wish her and Ben the best, but I’m not convinced it will last“, said the 48-year-old chef.

The words of Jlo’s ex-husband

Then he added: “Jen loves being in lovebut she has been engaged six times“. And again: “Ben is husband number four, I was number one and he told me I was the love of his life. I think he will marry at least seven or eight times, he is a person who is always projected forward in professional and private life.“. Ojani, the singer’s spouse for only one yearadmitted the disappointment he felt after breaking up with Jlo: “For many years after our story, I felt burned, hurt. I think if she hadn’t been around all those people we would probably still be together“The separation between the two occurred in 1998, while the signing of a confidentiality agreement in 2004, then some lawsuits for a video and a book that Ojani wanted to publish.

Jennifer Lopez, her concert makes all of Capri dance

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Jennifer Lopez, her concert makes all of Capri dance

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