Margot Robbie, the highest paid actress in Hollywood

Margot Robbie has officially become the highest paid actress in Hollywood after starring alongside Ryan Gosling in the film Barbie . The 32-year-old Australian actress has earned 12.5 million euros for bringing the iconic doll to life (the same as her companion).

Barbie directed by Greta Gerwig, who has also been behind other hits like little women either Lady Bird , will be the first live-action film adaptation of Mattel’s most famous doll. Its premiere is scheduled for July 2023.

Actors Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie Filming

The actress plays the mythical doll in the movie ‘Barbie’, in which Ryan Gosling plays Ken. Robbie has received 12.5 million dollars, the same as him / GTRES

The list of the best paid in the industry, compiled by the magazine Variety , is made up mostly of masculine names. Moreover, the protagonist of I, Tonya the first woman on the list, appears in 18th place. Just behind Margot Robbie, in 19th place, appears Millie Bobby Brown, who has made history by sneaking, at 18, into this list of the best paid in Hollywood.

Thanks to the sequel Enola Holmes the British, who became known with her role as Eleven in stranger things , has become the highest paid in history under the age of twenty. As reported by the American media, Millie will take a total of 10 million dollars to get back into the skin of Enola Holmes. Emily Blunt, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Anya-Taylor Joy are the other actresses featured on the list.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown, image of the footwear firm, wears them even on the red carpet

The actress Millie Bobby Brown, on a red carpet


The first place goes to Tom Cruise, who has pocketed 100 million for the sequel to ‘Top Gun’

But first on the list, and far behind the second, is Tom Cruise. The 60-year-old American took 100 million for the last installment of top gun . The film has become the highest grossing of 2022 exceeding 1,000 million dollars in revenue.

Actor Will Smith attends the 94th Oscars Nominees Luncheon in Los Angeles, California, US, March 7, 2022. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Actor Will Smith in Los Angeles in March 2022


In second place is Will Smith, who, although he has been away from the media spotlight for a while since his famous slap to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, will be the protagonist of the film. emancipation so it will enter 35 million dollars.

With 30 million each, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt rank third and fourth. The former shares a cast with Robert De Niro and Jesse Plemons in the next Martin Scorsese film: Killers of the Flower Moon . Set in 1920s America, an American Indian tribe is murdered under mysterious circumstances and the FBI launches a special investigation. Brad Pitt performs in Untitled Formula 1 Movie to a retired driver who wants to compete again.


Joaquin Phoenix will once again get into the skin of the ‘Joker’


Two cases worth noting are that of Jason Momoa, who has doubled his salary to once again hold the trident in Aquaman , for which he will earn 15 million dollars in this sequel; and that of Joaquin Phoenix, that the first time he got into the skin of the joker he won 4.5 million dollars and now he will pocket for doing it again 20 million. Other names that appear on the list are those of Chris Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Ryan Reynolds or Dwayne Johnson.

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