They imagine what a great Among Us event would look like in Fortnite and… I don’t really know what I just saw

I’m not going to lie to you with what I’m going to say, because sometimes I think it’s better to say things directly rather than camouflage them with pretty words: the crossover between Among Us and Fortnite seemed a bit unfortunate to me, since no skin has arrived in the battle royale of the first game and everything is reduced to a backpack and little else.

That is why the video that I just saw of the user who receives on Twitter the name of 12th hour It has generated mixed feelings in me: on the one hand, I have remembered the already mentioned crossover that is currently underway and, on the other, it has made me wish with incredible desire that those responsible for Fortnite They would have tried harder. The reason? The clip that I am going to leave you with below consists of imagining what an Among Us event would be like in the battle royale and the truth… I don’t really know what I just saw:

If you think it’s okay, I will describe in several points the process that my reaction has gone through when I saw this clipbecause I’m still trying to assimilate a little what my eyes have witnessed:

  • the doll of Among Us giant seemed absolutely incredible ✅
  • I scratched myself a bit with the scene of all the crew at the table because it reminded me of a scene more of terror than anything else ❓
  • When Tanos appeared dancing I laughed… but only for a few seconds ❗

Do you think the event that we will never see in Fortnite that I have shared with all of you is cool? Why doesn’t the Among Us meme burn already? Why can’t I stop asking questions?

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