Perugian singer-songwriter depopulated on TikTok thanks to Rihanna’s fans: Laura Welle in first place in the Beatport ranking //

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Laura Welle, aka Laura Bazzucchi, is first in the Beatport ranking, a portal dedicated to dance and electronic music. With the Krafted label, on June 10th, the Perugian musician from Ponte Felcino released an EP of 7 different versions of the song “Burning”, written and sung by her and produced by Paul Sawyer. In particular, the remixed version of “Burning” by the English producer Darkersound (Russ Pattison) was placed first in tenth place in the standings, and then quickly climbed into the top 3, reaching the first position. For the first time in its history, Krafted thus registers a first place in the ranking, thanks to an Italian artist.

Viral video And it is also the first time for Laura, who already in May, had reached a lot of acclaim on the TikTok platform, following the release of her single “Chewing Gum”, written and sung by her and produced by Joshua Dorsey aka JDHD . It happened that Rihanna Today, Rihanna’s biggest fandom (2.5 million followers), noticed the song and decided to share it on her channel using it as a background song to a Rihanna video. The video went viral immediately, reaching 140,000 views in no time.

Successful track It is Laura herself who explains the meaning of the song: “Chewing Gum talks about how young people live today’s society. We seem to have ended up in a disposable loop, as if we were chewing gum that after a while are thrown away and replaced. Everything we do is never enough and we often feel helpless. We want to change things, but no one is listening to us. I am happy that this single of mine is getting support on the various platforms, because this makes me understand that awareness is never enough “.

First successes Laura was born in Perugia on 11 January 1995 and approached music as a child. She memorizes every song that is played on the radio and she becomes very familiar with the English language, which she has been able to practice since she was a child. She listens to different genres and from each of these she tries to come up with something personal, as she begins to write her first compositions as a teenager. She is passionate about foreign languages, she graduates from linguistic high school where she studies English, French and German and graduates in International Relations. After a short period of performing with a repertoire of covers only, she decides to focus on writing her own songs. Determined to take music seriously, she decides to seek collaborators with whom to publish her music. This is how “Sing My Song”, “Wild” and the EP “The Wave” were born, produced by Paul Sawyer and published by the English label Krafted, a project that is heavily supported by BBC Radio 1 and that reaches the 11th position of iTunes in the Album Dance category.

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