novelty infuriates fans and provokes protests on social networks

Minecraft: novelty infuriates fans and provokes protests on social networks

Minecraft: novelty infuriates fans and provokes protests on social networks

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Mojang wants that Minecraft be a safer place for everyone, so update 1.19.1 of the game will implement a new reporting and moderation system. In this way, the studio will be able to permanently ban players who have committed a foul after reviewing the reports made in this regard.

The community itself already has a tool for reporting players, but this new system will be managed by a dedicated group of developers. The community is not happy with the idea, as they believe that it will ruin the experience of many as there will be greater control of everything and it opens the door to unjustified bans.

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For this reason, the players raised their voices on social networks and started the #saveminecraft campaign, with which they seek Mojang to reconsider and not add another layer of moderation to the game. The company has already responded, but did not say precisely what the community expected.

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Mojang listened to the community of Minecraftbut will not make changes

Mojang has been aware of all the requests and criticisms from the community. However, he reaffirmed that he will continue with his plans and will not change the game’s new reporting and banning system. A community administrator stated emphatically that there will be no changes.

“First, we know that there has been criticism of the reporting system that will be introduced in this upcoming update. We appreciate and value your feedback, but that doesn’t mean that the design principles that Mojang Studios adheres to will always change, this includes the upcoming system Second, while we understand this is not the answer some of you expected, we do not plan to change it,” the company said.

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Minecraft is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, as well as iOS and Android devices. Here you will find all the news about the title.

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