Motorcycles in Fortnite? New Items Leaked That Would Make Season 3 Even Crazier

Epic Games has already confirmed what the end date of the current Season 3 of Fortnite, but this does not imply that the company has already spent all its aces up its sleeve. It would be weird if he had actually done it, since in the trailer for this season of the game Some weapons and items are seen that are not yet available within the battle royale.

And, precisely, the information that I bring you here has to do with the latter; specifically, with a couple of objects that the dataminer community has already leaked and that they would reach Season 3 of Fortnite on a date yet to be confirmed. Next, I leave you with all the information that has emerged about it:

  • the leaker iFireMonkey has leaked the future existence of a hook that could correspond to the one used by Indiana Jones in the aforementioned trailer
  • The latter will be obtained from a series of special chests that are not yet available in the game.
  • On the other hand, the leaker HYPEX confirm that Fortnite will receive motorcycles very soon as new vehicles
  • In addition, he comments that this year the battle royale will also celebrate summer with a special event

Well, imagine now the hype that I have in my body knowing that Fortnite will receive motorcycles in the near future. I understand that these will be quite similar to the cars in terms of handling but, what about what we can show off with them by taking them from one end of the battle royale island to another?

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