Minecraft community is upset with Mojang after they implement a new reporting system

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Monjang has generated quite a bit of controversy with his recent decision to start moderating private Minecraft servers, as he would do so in a way that has the community at war with the company.

This, since Minecraft version 1.19.1 was implemented, players can now report each other for “inappropriate chat messages or dangerous behavior”, including this implementation on private servers. Something that the community fears will become a tool that is used in an abusive way, as seen in other games where these reports are used only to troll by making false accusations.

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Worst of all, is that after receiving these reports generated by Minecraft players themselves, Mojang moderators determine the measures to be taken, which can go as far as banning said player from all servers, including private ones.

There have been many fans and referents of the Minecraft community who have been showing their anger with this system, using the hashtag #saveminecraft on social networks.

One of them is famed gaming YouTuber Taylor “AntVenom” Harris, who stated in a post on his Twitter account that: “If Mojang thinks all the expert coders who are against this system won’t try to embarrass them by breaking this system, I would bet against Mojang.”

Something that apparently will not have a prompt positive response from the team behind Minecraft, since Mojang so far does not seem to have the slightest intention of reconsidering the measure, since the study even indicated that there would be no possible return.

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