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Keeping money under the mattress has never been a good business. Mexico faces the highest inflation in the last 20 years, which reduces the purchasing power of savings of thousands of Mexicans. However, there is investment instruments what they promise Profits higher than the current rate of inflation. One of them are the Cetes.

The Certificates of the Treasury of the Federation (Cetes) are a stock market debt instrument issued by the Federal government to raise funds within a certain period and that generate returns to the people who invest in them.

Cetes are financial instruments of lower risk in Mexico, since it is the government itself that is committed to return the investment money plus the income generated.

Investing in the Federation Treasury Certificates does not require large amounts. You can start investing from 100 pesos and it is possible to know the return that the investment will have because the interest rate is fixed. This will depend on the investment term selected.

Investments can be made in different terms, either in 28, 91, 182 Or until 364 days. Interest rates vary for each term, the longer the period, the higher the rate you will receive.

How to invest in Cetes?

The first thing you should do is comply with the following requirements:

  • To be over 18 years old
  • Have your Unique Population Registry Key (CURP)
  • Have your Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC)
  • be the owner of a Bank account (You will need to provide your key banking).

Subsequently, you must create an account through the website of cetesdirecto. Once this is done, log in with your username and password, click on the buy option, choose an instrument and the term of investment.

You must enter the amount you want to investselect the way to pay (by transfer or as a charge to your bank account) and activate the option, if you wish, that at the end of the term reinvest your money back automatically at the end of the term.

Your contract is created under the modality of “Express Contract”, with a monthly savings capacity of up to 3 thousand UDIS. You can increase your savings capacity via the Internet with your e.signature (formerly Faithful) or by making an appointment Cetesdirecto Customer Service Center, as well as in a branch of Banco del Bienestar.

Can I lose my money if I invest in Cetesdirecto?

Nope. As long as you acquire the appropriate investment instrument for your needs and keep it until maturity. In this case, the instrument will pay you a performance over time and on the expiration date you will have the capital of your investment returned.

However, by way of example, if you invested in a bond 10 years and you need your money back before bond maturityyou would be forced to sell it at a price that could be lower than the one you bought itdepending on the conditions of the economic environment that arise when carrying out said decision, in which case you could experience a loss.

You can check the investment contract Cetesdirecto here.

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