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Fortnite it is everywhere. The video game developed by Epic Games can be downloaded on mobile devices, computers and hybrid consoles Nintendo Switch. However, many wonder if the Nintendo platform is capable of running the video game at 30 FPS, the minimum acceptable for a smooth Battle Royale experience. Here we tell you if the hardware meets the goal.

Performance below 30 FPS on Fortnite It makes the experience not the best to the point of affecting the games. Choppy frames are always a disappointment, especially in a Battle Royale that gives players an advantage with better speed.

Although Epic offers a variety of visual and graphical settings for its Battle Royale game, it seems that the loopers of switch They are largely ignored.

FORTNITE | Best settings on Nintendo Switch

The title certainly runs in a better resolution when played in docked mode rather than handheld. However, this feature still doesn’t offer any relief when it comes to frame rate.

As long as on consoles and PC the rate is 120 and more than 500 FPS, respectively, switch It still doesn’t offer Full HD resolution with 60 FPS in many games. The only option for Switch users is the ‘Advanced Graphics’ section, where you can choose the FPS on the screen. Even if the device’s screen can deliver higher framerates, Epic has locked it to 30 FPS for smoother performance.

When playing with other players switch, there is no real downside except the skill gap. However, during cross-play, those with 30 FPS can hardly stand up to loopers that have more than four times the frames and a smoother screen.

The definitive solution is not even close, because Nintendo should release a new version of the Switch with more powerful hardware. Considering that the majority of players are from PC, Epic Games does not bother to insist on the experience on Switch.

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