Claudio Castagnoli reveals the reasons for his departure from WWE

Claudio Castagnoli was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet on Starcast V to talk about the reasons for his departure from WWE. Castagnoli assured that the last promo made by Johnny Gargano during his stay in NXT motivated him to leave the company at the end of your contract. Below we leave you their statements, courtesy of Fightful.

“I thought about it a lot, actually,” Claudio assured regarding his decision to leave WWE. “You may have felt for a while that you needed a change. Before that, there were a lot of signs, a lot of things that different people said and maybe they didn’t even realize they said it that helped me”.

“One of those things was the last promotion of Johnny Gargano in NXT, where he said ‘always bet on yourself’, that was perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back. There were a lot of things that led to that, I didn’t want to cause any trouble because a lot of people do. When Cody first left, he made that list of who he wanted to fight. After that, everyone did the same thing, it was what was fashionable and I wanted to do it differently, I always go against the grain.”

The current ROH champion also commented that he decided to walk away quietly because I wanted to keep the surprise of his return to the ring, He assured that he wanted to maintain the uncertainty of his return to the ring because surprises are part of the beauty of wrestling.

I felt like it was better this way because I thought if I wanted to keep fighting and I showed up somewhere, it would be a bigger surprise. Wrestling is about moments and if he had said, ‘Okay, I’m leaving,’ then people would have known. But the way I left it was all like ‘what’s going to happen? When is he going to come back?’ that’s the beauty of wrestling, you want to be surprised. Yes, you want to know, but you also love to be surprised. For me, that is something very important, you do know, maybe, but there is always that doubt. I feel like I’m more about action than talk.”

Claudio Castagnoli won the ROH World Championship in the last event Death Before Dishonor 2022 after defeating Jonathan Gresham in what meant the first reign of the Swiss fighter with the maximum title of Ring Of Honor.

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