4 things you didn’t know AirPods were capable of

We show you some curious functions that Apple AirPods have and that you may not know.

4 things you didn't know AirPods were capable of

Apple’s AirPods are ranked by many as the best wireless headphones on the market. The truth is that there are many reasons for this, such as the great audio quality, but it is true that the AirPods stand out especially for their great integration with the entire Apple ecosystem and for its added functions and features that can be very useful for many users.

Among others, we have collected 4 of the best things your AirPods can do regardless of the model of the same with which you count. Many of them, besides being very interesting, are configurations that will allow you to save some time in your day to day if you often use these headphones frequently, so you should take note of all of them.

Top 4 AirPods Features You Probably Aren’t Using

As we discussed, there may be a number of AirPods features you may not be aware of that are about to significantly improve your day-to-day productivity. For the same reason, we have gathered 4 feature ideas that not everyone knows about and that can be most interesting.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods include some curious features that you may not know about

Share audio on more than one headset or with other people

have you ever wanted listen to the same song on multiple devices simultaneously? This is especially useful between friends with headphones, since sometimes it is more comfortable to lend one of the headphones than directly each person choose which headphones they want to use and that you can fully enjoy the music.

Yes on your iPhone or iPad deploy the control center and press on it air play button music widget while listening to a certain song, you can find a button called “Share Audio…”. When you do this, the device will prompt you to move another Bluetooth headset or a connected iPhone, iPad, or Mac closer together.

Automatically the list of compatible devices will be displayed. If, for example, your friend has other Apple AirPods, the connection will be instant, although the function is not limited to the firm’s headphones. it’s possible use others of compatible firms, or any type of simple headset connected to another Apple product.

Share audio on AirPods

Thanks to the AirPods audio sharing function you can listen to your music with several headphones at the same time

Discover your notifications instantly without looking at your iPhone or iPad

If you have AirPods, surely on some occasion your playback has been interrupted by the sound of notifications or by a call. At that time, it is quite common to try to locate the device in order to consult its content. However, if you have iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, this action is not necessary: Siri can read your notifications for you.

To do this, you only have to enter Settings, choose the option Notifications and then enter the “Announce notifications” section. In it you will find a multitude of options, but if you activate the reading aloud of the notifications for when you connect the headphones you will have the opportunity to know the content of your notifications directly at the time you receive them.

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Also, if you have one of the latest models of iPhone and AirPods, you will not only be able to know its content, but if it is a message, call, reminder or a third-party application allowed, you will have the possibility to respond directly to the content. You don’t need to say “Hey Siri” to do this, so indicate what to answer or what to dothe iPhone will take care of it.

Announce notifications on AirPods

If you enable “Announce notifications” in iOS or iPadOS settings, you will receive your messages and calls instantly on your AirPods

Customize the touch controls on your AirPods to enable more features

As you probably already know, double-click on any of the headphones, it is possible to perform certain actions. For example, it is possible to switch to the previous song or go to the next track easily, which avoids having to take out the mobile or talk to Siri for it, being much more comfortable.

What not all users know is that AirPods touch controls can be customized. Depending on the model of your headphones, you will have the possibility to choose some actions or others depending on the number of keystrokes and the headphone.

To discover and customize this, you just have to go to Settings and select Bluetooth on the menu. Next, with the AirPods connected, click on the button Yo that appears next to the name of your headphones. At the top, you will have the different actions that can be customized and, by clicking on them, you will have the possibility to choose from an extensive list what to do when pressing each AirPod.

Customize AirPods touch controls

From the settings it is possible to modify the actions of the touch controls of the AirPods

Synchronization between various Apple products

If you have multiple Apple products, you’re signed in to them with the same Apple ID, and you’ve enabled two-factor authentication for added security, AirPods will recognize all of your products. Thus, if you are close to any of them, the sound will be played from the sameand you can switch seamlessly between one and the other.

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If, for example, you start watching a video on iPhone, and then play other content on iPad or Mac, you don’t need to do anything to enjoy it on your headphones, directly the audio source will change dynamically to always offer the content you want. Also, if, for example, you later receive a call or FaceTime on your phone and choose to answer, the audio will return back to the phone, so you can talk without the need to remove the headphones or take any additional action to do so.

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