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It was only a matter of time. straythe videogame At the moment, it has been the most recent target of modders. Internet users have been creating their own mods to turn the famous orange cat protagonist into fun variations.

From Garfield to Spyro the Dragon, Stray gamers have generated their own creative mods and sharing the results on the internet. Most of these mods you can get on the NexusMods page, even free. There are some that allow you to customize the main cat so you can do it as close to your pet as possible.

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For fans who don’t like Mondays, the Garfield mod, created by user Chris Rubio, is the ideal mod. However, if you prefer dogs over cats, you can turn Stray in a little french bulldog. Other mods feature the pig from Minecraft, the dragon Spyro and CJ from GTA San Andreas on the main character. There is also a mod to play in first person (or rather, first cat) or as a horse.

puppy mod.  (Photo: Chris Rubino, NexusMods)
puppy mod. (Photo: Chris Rubino, NexusMods)

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In addition, the IGN medium shared a video of Garfield’s performance in Stray. Most interestingly, other cats within the game become friends with the lasagna-loving feline. Here we show it to you.

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