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Great success of the sound fiction «Three Millenniums, Two Cultures, One Lady» directed by José Antonio Meca

A complete historical and documentary investigation, talent, creativity and a lot of love result in unique moments like the one experienced at the premiere of the sound fiction «Three Thousand Years, Two Cultures, One Lady», a story told in a different way thanks to the magic of radio theater by a Bastetano who is a reference in the format of sound fiction and in love with his land: José Antonio Meca.

The ceremony for the Lady of Baza Award for Culture began with this original sound piece performed live on stage by fifteen voice actors and actresses orchestrated by Meca himself, who was also responsible for the script and sound design of this work that surprised the public of the Dengra and that becomes part of the legacy that the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the Lady of Baza leaves in the city for the enjoyment of later generations.

The proposal therefore achieved what it had set out to do: to tell the story of the Lady as never before. To the fifteen actors and actresses on stage, including the creator of this sound fiction, other recognized and recognizable voices are added in the form of cameos up to twenty, such as those of prestigious Basque journalists or that of the dubbing actor Salvador Aldeguer (the Spanish voice of Antonio Banderas, John Travolta or Nicolas Cage, among others).

The fiction “Three Millennia, Two Cultures, One Lady” takes place in a real historical context in which the Iberian world is reproduced through interesting time jumps perfectly spun that allowed the public to travel in time to live an immersive experience with which discover (or rediscover, in the case of the older ones) the beauty of radio theater made as it was done in its origins: live and on stage.

This proposal comes to show that it is still possible to approach the history of the Lady of Baza with different perspectives and innovative formats. And the result is an interesting sound piece that has been recorded and that will now have a long journey in spreading the history of the Lady of Baza.

This was highlighted by the mayor of the city, Manolo Gavilán, in his subsequent speech. «José Antonio Meca has surprised us with this great work that will have a long journey. He has taken us back to what happened 2,500 years ago in an original journey through time and space. We must especially highlight our countryman, a great professional and a great person, who has known how to surround himself with the best team for this piece of radio drama». For his part, Meca himself acknowledged having dedicated a lot of time and not sparing any affection for this creation that he has felt “like a great gift in this month of July, which marks 33 years of profession dedicated to radio and voice” .

In the field of journalism, José Antonio Meca has received two Andalusia awards for journalism, among other professional recognitions. The video of “Three Thousands, Two Cultures, One Lady” can be seen again on the official Facebook page of the Baza City Council, which is receiving numerous visits to watch this unique piece of radio drama.

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