What is the PBA diet, the regimen of Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa

  • Most superhero and action movie stars are characterized by having large and tremendously muscular bodies.

  • To achieve that physical form, these interpreters assure that they follow a diet based on the consumption of chicken, broccoli and rice known as PBA

  • Experts, however, point out that this type of diet alone is neither beneficial to health nor does it help increase muscle mass.

If there is one thing that most, if not all, leading actors in action and superhero movies have in common, is that they are like a real bull. Both Chris Hemsworth, the actor who brings Thor to life in Marvel movies, and Jason Momoa, whom we saw playing Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones series or, more recently, Aquaman, as Dwayne Johnson, the famous The Rock, They can boast of having a large body and very, very muscular.

To achieve this great body, there is no doubt that all these performers must follow a very hard and sacrificed gym routineBut what about food? Is there a specific diet behind these muscular bodies?

According to a recent article published by the men’s magazine Mel Magazine, yes: all these performers follow a similar dietalthough not an especially rich, healthy or varied one.

The superhero diet

As specialist Ian Douglass points out in the article, in which he compiles the eating patterns that some of the best-known action actors of recent years have shared in their interviews, the diet that these stars follow is known as the PBA dieta regimen based on the intake of three key foods: chicken, broccoli and rice.

Although there are small variations in the eating routines that these action heroes follow, when asked how they have managed to transform their body so that it looks so vigorous the vast majority refer to these three foods. This is the case of Alexander Skarsgard, whom we have recently seen in the film The Man from the North, who admitted that to prepare for his role as Tarzan he was eating “chicken breast and broccoli” for nine months.

Also that of Jason Momoa, who stated that to get his body he ate “cooked chicken breast” every two hours (something that, in his own words, is not “very appetizing”), or that of Chris Evans, Marvel’s Captain America, who also stated that I ate chicken with rice.

Hugh Jackman, whom we all remember as Wolverine, also revealed that your diet contained rice, vegetables, and protein such as chicken, fish, or steakwhich he always consumed six times a day, and even Dwayne Johnson revealed, during a 2014 interview with USA Today, that his diet was based on eat three meals a day consisting of chicken, rice and, yes, broccoli (sometimes he added two more dishes made with the same ingredients, yes).

A questionable regimen

The PBA diet seems to have become the standard diet for all action actors, although it wasn’t always like that, far from it. Proof of this we have in Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the quintessential action hero, who eat a much more varied diet in which there is space both for broccoli and chicken as well as for juices, dairy products and eggs, among others.

What is the PBA diet, the superhero regimen of Chris Hemsworth and Jason Mamoa

Alexander Skarsgard claimed that for his role as Tarzan he was eating “chicken breast and broccoli” for nine months. Mairo Cinquetti/NurPhoto/Cordon Press

According to Douglass, the article’s author, the obsession with the PBA diet would come later, around the 90s and as a consequence of the demonization of fatsa nutrient that, while needed by the body, is virtually absent from this regimen.

According to the article, the demonization of fats has made many bodybuilders decide to reduce their diet to consume these three ingredients almost exclusively. Nevertheless, following a PBA diet is not only not good for your healthbut, ironically enough, it also does not help increase muscle mass. Not, at least, by itself.

As Douglass points out in his article, minimizing fat intake does not help secrete the hormones needed to build muscle. The same goes, he adds, for other micronutrients needed to build muscle. Instead, he says, supplementation with steroids and other hormones can help the body overcome these nutritional deficiencies by building muscle.

That is to say: the PBA diet, according to his words, by itself would not serve to mark tremendous muscles, since it lacks the fats and micronutrients necessary for their formation. Following this regimen, to achieve a superhero body it would be necessary to consume hormones and steroids, since they can supply these deficiencies while creating muscles. Consequence? If you’re thinking of toning up at the gym, you better skip PBA and follow the recommendations of your nutritionist and trainer. It will be much healthier and more effective.

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