They give 100 THOUSAND pesos to whoever has a 20-peso bill with these simple letters | PHOTO

It is increasingly common to see various options on the Internet for collectible products, such as coins, action figures, artistic pieces and even banknotes that are currently in circulation in Mexico. In this sense, it is important to remember that the options through websites and their platforms are broader, so users sometimes question the ideal platform to promote and sell these types of items.

Now a 20-peso bill has attracted attention, which is being offered through Free market in 100 thousand pesos; the user from Coyoacán, in CDMX, points out in the publication that this specimen is in perfect condition.

20 pesos bill for sale

It is a 20-peso bill, a copy that was put into circulation on May 6, 2020, which corresponds to the AA series, and it is an uncirculated bill, where it is important to note that the seller specified that does not have a certificate of non-circulation; however, he assured that the specimen is in perfect condition.

The reason for the composition of this new banknote consists of a fragment of the artistic work referenced with the certificate “Solemne and peaceful entry of the Army of the Three Guarantees to Mexico City on September 27 of the memorable year of 1821” /1 , by anonymous author.

Up to 100 thousand pesos

The specimen is part of the collection of the National Museum of History, Castillo de Chapultepec, located in Mexico City. To its left flutters the Flag of the Army of the Three Guarantees and, to the right, the Flag of Mexico.

It is worth mentioning that the banknotes most sought after by collectors are with the folio AA or AB; Below we show you the photographs of this 20-peso bill corresponding to the AA series.

The 20-peso bill offered at 100 thousand. PHOTO: Free Market


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