The secret of eternal youth of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise fulfilled 60 years on July 3 with an enviable appearance. The actor, who received the honorary Palme d’Or at the last Cannes Film Festival, has managed to maintain a prolific film career, full of blockbusters since the 1980s when he rose to fame. In addition to his professional success, Tom Cruise is on everyone’s lips for his youthful appearance.

What does Tom Cruise do to appear 20 years younger? Regardless of genetics, it is clear that the actor takes great care of himself.

exercise daily

Exercise is essential in your day to day life. In fact, to prepare for the new installment of Top Gun, the interpreter designed an exhaustive training plan that allowed him to participate in the action scenes of the film (something usual in his career). Weights, running, fencing, climbing… are some of the sports that the actor usually does. The practice of sport not only helps to be in shape, avoiding the fat accumulationwhich usually occurs over the years, is also essential to delay the aging of the body.

facial care

The actor has undergone aesthetic treatments, probably Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, to smooth the wrinkles. He could even have had a facelift, but the actor also knows that skin care is essential to look younger. In fact, in an interview he has commented that he cleanses his skin and uses a moisturizing face creamas well as a specific product for the eye contour area, one of the areas that most betrays the passage of time.

stronger hair

Another aspect that stands out from the Tom Cruise boyish look it is his hair, both because of its great density and because of its color, without gray hair at 60 years of age. Using a shampoo suitable for the type of hair is essential to keep it stronger and healthier, as well as incorporating other hair care products such as fortifying serums or food supplements during hair loss. Surely, the actor will have also resorted to the micrografts to increase capillary density or to treatments such as capillary mesotherapy. Regarding gray hair, it is clear that Tom Cruise chooses to hide them with dyes. Also, the actor chooses casual haircuts, which help him look younger.

Two images of Tom Cruise: 2022 and 2005. The actor knows how to take care of himself to look younger, despite the fact that he just turned 60.  gtres
Two images of Tom Cruise: 2022 and 2005. The actor knows how to take care of himself to look younger, despite the fact that he just turned 60. gtres

rejuvenating smile

When it comes to looking younger, we must not forget the smile, and here Tom Cruise is a great expert. The Eugenia Cervantes, director of the Eugenia Cervantes Dental Aesthetics Clinic, explains that “throughout his life he has changed his crowns several times, he has worn braces, he has replaced crowns with a better color, he has had teeth whitening and possibly even veneers.” Although it is not a perfect smile, according to the expert, because “we can observe the displacement of the dental midline towards the left side of his face, the case of Tom Cruise shows that, if you design a smile with different treatments based on this ‘ imperfection’ and you take it to the field of harmonyIt will be attractive to everyone. It is not the most aesthetic smile because its midline was not completely fixed, but it is harmonic. It is also an interesting case to see how a smile design with crowns and veneers it can rejuvenate and give light to a smile and even give it breadth, something that also takes years away from you.”

follow a healthy life style helps delay aging and Tom Cruise knows it. The actor does not smoke, does not drink, is a great lover of sports and eats a balanced diet.

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