The most successful films in our country

These are times when the platforms of streaming are the demand focus of the most varied audiovisual content. Such is the case of Netflix, which, after some relapses, intends to reposition itself as star of the scene.

Thus, this writing has elaborated a semblance of the 10 most watched movies in Argentina, so you can choose which one you will see next. Let’s start!

Brad Pitt in “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” (2019).

Position 1: «Hidden Evil» (2019) – thriller

Its original title is Grand IsleAnd it is the third play by director Stephen S. Campanelli which, in this case, is assisted by the co-directed Iver William Jallahbeing the first work of the latter.

Well this is it another of the string of films starring Nicolas Cagean actor who, gripped by his enormous debtshas been forced to accept a disproportionate number of projects almost without looking, reaching a totality of films that exceed (pay attention to this number) the 180 productions. Yes, you read right! This man has an average 6 movies per year. (Which shows that the actor is not prolific only in the world of memes).

That’s the way it is, does not seem to be an outstanding workbut the surprise is that it leads the list of the most watched films in our country.

Here we leave you the argument:

A young father must prove his innocence after being wrongly accused of committing a crime.

What to expect? Well, you will judge.

Nicolas Cage in “Grand Isle” (2019).

Rank 2: “Assassin: Vengeance Mission” (2017) – Thriller/Action

The original title of this movie is American Assassinand it is about the sixth film by director Michael Cuesta.

The surprise in this case is that features the participation of Michael Keaton, but it does not seem to be a work of weight. Criticism has ensured in more than one case that the director “has lost his pulse.”

Here, the argument:

After a terrorist attack kills his fiancee, Mitch Rapp is recruited by the Black Ops and begins training under the command of Stan Hurley, a secret CIA agent. Rapp and Hurley must carry out a dangerous mission to stop the operation that could unleash a planetary catastrophe.

Michael Keaton in “American Assassin” (2017).

Place 3: «The meaning of life» (2022) – Drama

The Mystery of Herwhich is called in English, is the fourth play by director Nicolas DiBella. Apparently, it is a passista but well-intentioned work. Criticism has established in some portals that “it leaves a nice message for teenagers, which makes it a good choice for family viewing.”

Here, the argument:

After a car accident nearly takes her life, a popular student loses her memory, finding a second chance to live a more meaningful life.

Andrea Figliomeni in “The Mystery of Her” (2022).

Position 4: «They call him Radio» (2003) – Drama/Disability

Radiofrom the director Michael Tollin —director who has done more good minor movies-, it was It was such a hit at its time and not precisely by lucky events.

Despite its interesting castcounting on the stellar presence of Cuba Gooding Jr.., passing through the famous Debra Winger and decanting in the famous and always recognized Ed Harrissometimes referred to as “the best supporting actor of all time”this movie did not measure up and deeply disappointed the critics specialized. Cuba Gooding Jr., who plays Radio, was even nominated, in the year of the premiere, for the Razzie Awards for Worst Actor. Poor Harris!

Here, the argument:

The story, inspired by real events, focuses on a lonely boy with mental illnesses who is called Radio because of his love of music and the radio. He never speaks, but one fine day Harold Jones (Ed Harris), the coach of the high school team and the most beloved man in town, befriends him and gains his trust. From that moment on, the boy opens up to the world, helping the coach and even attending classes at school.

Cuba Gooding Jr in “Radio” (2003).

Rank 5: “Line of Fire” (2013) – Thriller/Action

Homefrontof the commercial director Gary FlederIt is a movie scripted by Sylvester Stallonewho based his libretto on a novel by chuck logan.

This movie has a respectable cast. In it, personalities such as Jason Statham —who never seems to be able to escape from this type of production—, James Franco Y Winona Ryderhowever, it is a film that has been reviled by criticswhich has repeatedly stated that it is nothing more than a business to bulge the pocket of the producers. Actually, the premise sounds like a joke.

You will say.

Here the argument:
A widowed man, a former DEA anti-drug agent, decides to retire to a small town to start a new life with his little daughter. It happens, however, that he seems to have chosen the wrong town…

Jason Statham in “Homefront” (2013).

6th place: «Last Knights» (2015) – Adventure/Action

movie of the Japanese director and photographer Kazuaki Kiriyawho had in this film with two invaluable actors: Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman.

However, we have in hand two very curious facts. This movie failed to be released in theaters in its time, promoting itself only in DVD and BlueRay format; by other sidethis director, who has so many productions to his credit, he did not direct another film… Can anyone imagine why?

Here the argument:

Raiden, a knight (Clive Owen), is named as sole heir by his master and mentor: Bartok (Morgan Freeman). But his happiness is compromised when a messenger from the corrupt Emperor Mott demands that he behead his teacher, expelling him from the castle and taking away his honorary titles.
However, Raiden has to take revenge.

Clive Owen in «Last Knights» (2015).

Place 7: «The man from Toronto» (2022) – Comedy/Action

The Man from Toronto, released very recently on the platform, arrives from the hand of the directorPatrick Hughesa director who has brought to the cinema as many inconsequential comedies.

It is not exactly a film that has received very good reviews, but it is seems to be a film that makes one pass the time with some fun. It can also be noted that It has the presence of Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

Here the argument:

The deadliest killer on the planet is called “The Man from Toronto” (Woody Harrelson), but Teddy (Kevin Hart) is New York’s biggest loser. Together they will meet in an Airbnb, being forced to join forces to save themselves from what awaits them. Will they be able to resist each other?

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson in “The Man from Toronto” (2022).

Position 8: “No Man’s Land: Sicario” (2015) – Thriller/Action/Drama

Sicario is one of the events of this ranking. We are talking about the work after the great prisoners (2013) of the versatile and magnificent director Denis Villeneuve.

This movie at the time garnered varied and encouraging reviews of the specialized world reaching 3 Oscar nominations, including Best Photography. It also has a privileged cast: Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro. A film full of action and cinematographic quality.

Highly recommended.

Here, the argument:

Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), a self-righteous FBI agent, is recruited by a government task force to combat drug trafficking. Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), a fearsome agent of the government forces, and Alejandro (Benicio del Toro), a scheming adviser, will be the ones who lead Kate to seriously question her certainties about the drug war and the limits of the Justice.

Emily Blunt in “Sicario” (2015).

Position 9: «Once upon a time in… Hollywood» (2019) – Thriller/Drama/Comedy

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywoodof emblematic and characteristic director Quentin Tarantinois a work that unleashed strong controversies for being based on unfortunate real events. We speak of the hideous crime perpetrated by the disciples of Charles Manson. Despite everything, this film approaches the story in a absolutely original.

The Direction of actors of this film, actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, and also his impeccable scriptthey allowed Brad Pitt will win an Oscar for best supporting actor. Everything is in its place in this film that exquisitely recreates the hollywood world from the ’60s.

Here, the argument:

Rick Dalton (DiCaprio), is a western star. He is always accompanied by his double (Pitt), who is also a loyal friend. Rick’s life is closely linked to the world of Hollywood, but it brings some problems with his career. His neighbor is a rising promise: Sharon Tate (Robbie), a model and actress who is the new wife of renowned director Roman Polanski.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in “Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood” (2019).

Position 10: «Tadeo Jones 2. The secret of King Midas» (2017) – Animation/Adventures

And we got to the end with this movie duo Enrique Gato and David Alonso. a movie of spanish animation that you have obtained three major awards in two different years. in 2017was awarded as best animated film in the Goya Awards and Gaudí Awards; in the year 2018 would achieve the same distinction in the Platinum Awards.

Here, the argument:

Tadeo Jones has traveled to Las Vegas to attend the presentation of the latest discovery by the famous archaeologist Sara Lavroff. This is the papyrus that proves the existence of the Necklace of Midas, the legendary king who turned everything he touched into gold. But everything will be overshadowed when a greedy villain kidnaps Sara to seize the talisman and thus obtain unlimited wealth. Together with his parrot Belzoni and his dog Jeff, Tadeo will have to face enormous dangers and must manage to rescue Sara alive.

Tadeo and his dog Jeff in “Tadeo Jones 2. The Secret of King Midas” (2017).

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