Ted: The Prequel Series Will Keep The Humor Of The Movies

In a very similar line to what was seen in the first film of 2012.

Seth MacFarlane confirmed last April that ted will be back in action with a series for the Peacock platformwith new details coming now.

The creator of series like Family Guy Y american dad made a new franchise project official tedwhich so far has two films.

For this new production the bet will be in serial format for Peacock, a platform launched in 2020 owned by NBCUniversal and that little by little has been extended to more countries and with more projects such as the live-action series of twisted metal.

The plot of the series will be located before the two films, showing a younger version of Johna character played in the tapes by Mark Wahlberg, while dealing with the decline of Ted’s fame in a setting about the nineties.

Although the interaction between a teenage John and Ted will be shown, MacFarlane recently revealed in an interview for Collider that characteristic humor from the ted movies will remain intact for this series.

“Tone-wise, we’re sticking pretty close to the first movie. I think people who enjoyed the first movie and enjoyed that tone will be very happy with what we’re doing here. Let’s go with what worked,” he mentioned.

MacFarlane mentioned that Peacock has given him all the support necessary to make the series keep that humor that made the first Ted movie specialwhich at the time was highly criticized for showing drugs, sexual jokes, and politically incorrect.

“They acknowledge that this was an R-rated comedy and that the series will also be an R-rated comedy. So none of that has changed.”

About the series it is only known that it will be composed of 10 episodes and that Seth MacFarlane will return to voice Ted in his original language.

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