Natalie Portman and her perfect Frida Kahlo-style flower headdress | Lifestyle

The actress looked spectacular at the premiere of her movie Thor: Love and Thunder.


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With a successful career on and off screen, he is known to Natalie Portman He doesn’t pay special attention to his way of dressing, however, he always manages to look spectacular in every event he attends. Although with the favor of his genes, it is not very difficult to achieve the feat.

His presence at the most recent premiere of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ she is no exception to the rule of her winning looks and for this occasion she chose a short red dress that she gave a special touch with a beautiful flower headdress that brought to mind the clear reference of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

The photos of the actress walking the blue carpet of the event immediately revealed the intention of her outfit, which was to make her legs the center of attention to finish the tour of the wardrobe in the red headdress because of the roses and other flowers that they gave the smoky and pink touch.

Of course, seeing her with this headband adorned modestly on her head, one could not help but think of her iconic role as ‘Nina Sayer’s, the protagonist of the film ‘Black Swan’and in realizing that the trend to take into account, during these summer months, will be that of eye-catching accessories and complements, which will give a lot of personality to basic dresses or uncomplicated outfits.

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