mother and daughter dress the same (and are inspired by Madonna)

Fall / Winter 2022-23 fashion shows

Kim Kardashian was in the front row with her daughter North at Jean Paul Gaultier’s Haute Couture show: she “anticipated” one of the looks on the catwalk inspired by a scandalous Madonna dress.

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Fall / Winter 2022-23 fashion shows

Kim Kardashian is the unexpected protagonist of the current Fashion Week in Paris: after making her debut as a model for Balenciagathe reality star and influencer attended the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show designed by Olivier Rousteing together with his daughter North West. The Kardashians (mother Kris Jenner was also present) were given the place of honor: in the front row, next to the legendary director of Vogue Anna Wintour. Kim Kardashian’s look, coordinated with her daughter North of hers, came directly from the show: it was the same dress that came out on the catwalk. Not a random model, but a look that made fashion history and was launched by a pop icon like Madonna.

Kim Kardashian in Madonna’s pinstripe dress

It is now well known that Kim Kardashian has a passion for quotes and divas of the past: at the Met Gala she showed up with an original Marilyn Monroe dress (arousing not a few controversies) while for the Paris fashion shows she decided to step into the shoes from Madonna. Literally: the entrepreneur and social icon wore a long, tight-fitting black pinstripe dress, with two nude-colored inserts at the breast. A “soft” version of the dress that Madonna wore in 1992, showing up at an event together with the stylist and friend Jean Paul Gaultier: on that occasion, however, her breasts were completely exposed, causing a huge scandal.

Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier in 1992

Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier in 1992

The little North West, who already demonstrates a passion for fashion, has recreated the scene of 1992 together with her influencer mother: if Kardashian stepped into the role of Madonna “anticipating” one of the looks seen on the catwalk, the girl wore the vest pinstripe by Gaultier. Mother and daughter completed the outfits with coordinated details: dark sunglasses and a “nose jewel” with a silver chain.

The huge shoes of North West: Kim Kardashian’s daughter catches the flashes with maxi Crocs

Kim Kardashian and North West in Jean Paul Gaultier

Kim Kardashian and North West in Jean Paul Gaultier

Just the day before, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had shown off huge amphibians for the Balenciaga fashion show. Olivier Rousteing, called to design the couture collection of Jean Paul Gaultier, wanted to pay homage to the golden age of the fashion house by drawing inspiration from some cult pieces: tattoos, blue and white striped sweaters, corsets and of course, cone bras from Madonna and her most famous looks. Dressing today’s divas like yesterday’s divas.

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