Kylie Jenner proudly displays REAL skin texture and pores in a close-up of her face in a new ad for the cosmetics line

KYLIE Jenner was praised by fans for showing her REAL skin texture in an unfiltered ad for her cosmetics company’s new product.

The reality star has been upset in the past for doing too much work and over-filtering her photos.

He has been proudly promoting a new product for several weeks


The reality star was previously criticized for her cosmetic surgery and filters


The mom-of-two appeared in an ad for Kylie Cosmetics’ latest additions – Glow Balm and Gloss Drip – which included several close-up shots of her face.

In the video, fans can see Kylie’s pores on her nose and cheeks as she applies the products and shows the results.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum offers different points of view for viewers.

The camera gets up close and personal with Kylie in the announcement.

Kylie looks unrecognizable in high school photos before lip fillers and makeovers

Kylie posts and deletes ANOTHER NSFW photo before the new sexy wet dress photo

The star has undergone a major transformation in recent years and fans have noticed.

After high school, Kylie injected her lips, swelling them to the extreme.

She was criticized for both her cosmetic procedures and filtered photos.

Kylie has begun to transform once again, however.

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Kylie confessed in 2015 that she made lip fillers when she was a teenager after dealing with insecurities about her “little lips” for many years.


Before undergoing any procedure, Kylie looked much more natural.

Fans recently surfaced the shots and many were shocked by the change.

On Reddit, Kylie fans have been talking about her old look, sharing photos taken while she was actually still in school.

The photos, which Kylie shared throughout the year, included a look at her yearbook photo, several selfies, and snaps with friends like Jordyn Woods and Sofia Richie.

The shots saddened the fans, who posted regrets about the cosmetic work the reality star had in the thread.

“It looked a lot better before. Wow, ”exclaimed one fan. “She didn’t need much of anything.”

Another remarked: “I swear she became both happy AND unhappy when she got the fillers. Her eyes are no longer so bright “.

One person complained about her place in her famous upbringing: “Ugh, imagine what a healthy and vibrant life she could have had if she weren’t part of this stupid family.”

And one fan pinned the blame directly on her mom: “She didn’t need the lip fillers, I guess, but she never should have gone any further.

“This makes me hate Kris Jenner so much.”


In June, Kylie released a video promoting the same two new Kylie Cosmetics products.

She showed off her new Glow Balm and Gloss Drip, which she applied to her face wearing a white tank top and pink manicure to match the package.

Kylie’s pout looked bigger than ever as she rubbed the gloss with her fingers.

Holding the new products in hand, she posed with pursed lips to show the results.

Most recently, she shared a similar set of photos showing the full look – wet dress and all.

Fans are thrilled with the new shot that saw the star lying in a pool of water with her long hair down and her pink “wet dress” completely submerged.

“The dress is AMAZING”, commented one while another wrote: “This woman is a goddess”.

Almost immediately after posting a photo of the nude low-cut dress with a drip-effect print – lip gloss in hand – she erased it.

It wasn’t even the first time.

A week earlier, she posed with the nude lip gloss placed against the cleavage in the hot photo only to erase it hours later.

Fans felt she went “too far” with the sensual shot due to its “graphic” and “sexual” nature.

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One of the reasons the image may not be particularly safe for work may be the strip of mysterious clear liquid pouring into the center of her pink gown.

But many more photos and videos from the shoot are still on her social media, including an art video in the wet dress and a gold turtleneck.

Kylie continues to share sexy shots for Kylie Cosmetics and her personal page


She has undergone a major transformation since she was a teenager


Fans love to see Kylie show her true figure and face


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