“I want at least one more”

Fedez And Chiara Ferragni they have a dream in the drawer, that of become parents once again. The famous couple, after the birth of Lion (in 2018) and of Victory (in 2021) are planning to expand the family again. In this sense, the statements of the singer a Vanity Fair: “How do I see myself in 10 years? I will be 42 and will still do what I do today. However I would like other children, for sure at least one more. And then I would like maturity to bring me even more serenity“.

Fedez’s words on Vittoria

Vittoria is atypical. They repeated to me: you will see how she will be tied to her father. She is actually independent, at the moment she doesn’t have a specific attachment to anyone. It is I who have a special attachment to her. Also to Leone, of course. With my daughter, however, I really feel the need, the desire to breathe it“, He admitted Fedez and then add: “I’m not even 33 years old, I have white hair, two children and a tumor behind me. I can say that I have lived enough lifetimes to consider myself otherwise young“.

The illness

Regarding the tumor he had, Fedez said: “I do a general exam every six months. When the day of the appointment came, I had a fight with Chiara and I showed up two hours late. While they were seeing me, she passed by, by chance, a doctor who was not supposed to pass by“. Then he went on to say:”He looked at the monitor and felt that my pancreas was not quite normal. I owe her my life. In the days immediately following the surgery, I felt my organs adjusting themselves. The intestine on one side, the liver on the other. To operate, some have been removed from my body and placed on the table, to export the tumor. Then they were put back inside, but without paying too much attention to order. Because, the doctors explained to me, it’s up to them to return to their usual position“.

Fedez publishes the audios with the psychologist: "I am afraid of dying"

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Fedez publishes the audio with the psychologist: “I’m afraid of dying”

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