Fortnite: Dragon Ball content would reach the Battle Royale, according to a new clue

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It is a fact that Fortnite will have cool new collaborations with major franchises. After receiving content from Narutoplayers hope that the Battle Royale will one day have a crossover with one of the most important Japanese sagas: dragon ball.

In fact, there are already clues that Epic Games is working to make this a reality. The arrival of Goku and company to Fortnite now it seems more real than ever, as a prestigious dataminer found a clue about it that raised the hype of all players.

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Find possible reference to dragon ball in Fortnite

Epic Games did a survey a long time ago to ask the players of Fortnite about the following collaborations. Among the list was the possible arrival of Bardock, of Dragon Ball Z, to Battle Royale. So there is a possibility that the game will receive content based on Akira Toriyama’s series.

The studio hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but dataminer HYPEX found something that got players excited. It is an object that Epic Games recently added to the game and that will be very familiar to all fans of dragon ballbecause it looks like a capsule from Capsule Corp., Bulma’s company.

The interesting thing is that the object has a logo that is almost identical to the one used by the company. In addition, the dataminer claims that the capsule has a similar design and contours to other anime-based cosmetics that have made it to Battle Royale.

Fans are excited about this possible collaboration and have already requested skins of their favorite characters. The most requested are Vegeta, Trunks and, of course, Goku. Many believe that Bardock could also appear in the game, because after all Epic Games asked about the character. Below you can see the discovery of HYPEX.

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