Elsa Pataky reveals how Chris Hemsworth convinced her to return to acting

After a break in her career, the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky returns to the big screen in her new Netflix film, Interceptor. And this Friday, the 45-year-old from Madrid said that it was her husband, Chris Hemsworth, who encouraged her to return to work after she took time off to raise the couple’s young children.

As stated by the Daily MailPataky stated: “He told me how hard it must have been to put aside my career, in a way, to be with the children. He’s been so helpful in every way, just to get back to work and help me because he knows how much I love him.”

The couple, who reside in Chris Hemsworth’s native Australia, have three children, a girl named Indianine years old, and two twin sons, Sasha and Tristanboth eight years old.

Elsa Pataky.

Hemsworth is the executive producer of the action movie starring his wife, and Pataky herself says it was an interesting experience having him in charge.

“He’s my boss. But it was fun. I really wanted him to play this role because I knew how much he would enjoy it. We went from being parents to creative collaborators on a film project, which was a really different experience,” said the Madrid-born actress.

Earlier this week, the actress revealed on television that her husband didn’t hesitate to give her advice on her fight scenes. “He’s very bossy!”said Pataky on the show The Project last Tuesday night.

Elsa’s role in Interceptorwhich opens June 3, is about an Army lieutenant named JJ Collins, who must save the world when 16 nuclear missiles are launched in the United States.

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