cosmetic surgery and self-sex

Mary Magdalenemodel and influencer of Mexican origins known to most for his cosmetic surgery who have over-transformed parts of his body, revealed in a recent YouTube interview that he was ‘autosexual’. “I just discovered this sexuality“, said the woman, who then went on to say:”is called autosexual. It sounds so ridiculous, so stupid, but to me it’s really fucking good as hell“.


The model then went on to explain the meaning and the word ‘autosexual’: “It means that you are in love with yourself. I know it might be perceived as narcissistic behavior, but to me it’s special because it shows you don’t need anyone“.

Mary’s plastic surgery

The name of Magdalene is often associated withexaggerated use of plastic surgery, thus assuming a singular appearance, with markedly exaggerated body parts, such as the breast and side b. The first surgery took place when Mary was 21, then it was a succession of operations that allowed her to achieve the desired appearance: “I am a human being who exists on this planet who literally only likes surgery”.

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