Batman suit used by George Clooney is auctioned

George Clooney’s Infamous Bat-Nipple Suit As Batman Is Going To Auction For $40K

Premiered in 1997, batman and robin I present George Clooney in the main role in a bat suit with pronounced plastic nipples, which caused much criticism and ridicule, although now the “bati-nipples” They are an icon in the mythology of the character. Now, thanks to Heritage Auctions, the famous costume can now be yours for $40,000 dollars in a sale that will take place from July 22 to 23.

According to Heritage Auctions, the suit of Batman of Clooney this “constructed from cast foam latex, vinyl, resin components, leather, and other mixed media elements, all expertly painted, finished, and assembled into a life-size mannequin featuring a hyper-realistic George.” Costume pieces include full-length superhero cape with 2-layer clips, muscular tunic with signature Marvel icon, Batman on the chest, muscular stockings, gloves with a visor and boots.

“This is easily the most famous – and infamous – Batman suit ever designed, as evidenced by the fact that all these years later, it’s still in the news every time Tim Burton and George Clooney are asked about it.”

Executive Vice President of Heritage Auction

The nipple suit Batman it is one of several accessories that will be up for auction as the cane will also be included Jim Carrey’s Riddler of batman foreverr with an initial offer of $8,000 dollars, just like the iconic purple suit of Jack Nicholson with an initial offer of $65,000 dollars.


The Worst Batman Suit?

Adding Nipples To Batman’s Suit Was The Director’s Idea Joel Schumacher and the main sculptor of the franchise, Jose Fernandez. “It was not a fetish for me, I was more informed by Roman armor, like the centurions”Fernandez said of the costume’s nipples. “And, in the comics, the characters always seemed to be spray-painted naked; it was all about anatomy, and I like to push anatomy.”

For its part, George Clooney has long spoken out against the suit, while Tim Burton criticized Warner Bros for approving the nipple suit after retiring him as director of the franchise.

“[En aquel entonces] they went the other way. That’s the funny thing about this. But then I said, ‘Wait a minute. Okay. Wait a second here. You complain about me, I’m too weird, too dark, and then put nipples on the costume? Fuck off. Really. So yeah I guess that’s why I didn’t finish [haciendo una tercera película]”.

Tim Burton


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