Amber Heard would write a book about Johnny Depp

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Amber Heard’s name is in the crosshairs even after she lost her lawsuit against Johnny Depp, who accused her of defamation. Behind this, The actress will have to pay more than 10 million dollars to her ex-husband and that is why she would be willing to write a book to tell her version of the events in her marriage to the interpreter of Jack Sparrow.

In accordance with Okay! Magazine, Amber Heard would be in talks to write a book in which she would tell her life and It would also focus on her controversial marriage to Johnny Depp which ended in a trial that he lost.

A close source told the outlet that Amber Heard would write the book to clean up her image after the trial, as well as earn money to pay Johnny Depp. Even it was mentioned that the actress is not in “a position to refuse money”.

And if that was not enough, Okay! Magazine ensures that Amber Heard already signed a contract to start writing the book.

“Amber considers her Hollywood career to be over. She has nothing to lose anymore and she wants to tell everything,” the source told the magazine.

So far nothing has been confirmed, but what is known is that Amber Heard does not have all the amount of money the judge asked him to pay Johnny Depp, something that the actress’s lawyer declared.

A few days ago, Amber Heard gave her first interview after the trial and mentioned that she did not blame the jury for givingthe ruling in favor of Johnny Depp and also praised the actor’s work.

“I do not blame them. I actually get it. (Johnny Depp) He is a beloved character and people feel that he knows him. He is a fantastic actor.”

He also accepted that during his marriage to Johnny Depp behaved in a “horrible” way.

“I did and said horrible and unfortunate things throughout our relationship. I behaved horribly, almost unrecognizable to me.”


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