With a good view from behind: Paparazzi captures Jennifer López with white pants

Jennifer Lopez was caught with Ben Affleck. The paparazzi that follows JLo seems to have officially caught the actress and singer on the set of the new movie that Ben will star in with his friend Matt Damon.

According to Grosby, Lopez showed off her fashion sense by sporting a pair of white wide-leg pants, along with a black Hermes belt with a gold buckle. JLo completed her look with a form-fitting crew neck shirt.

Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck on the recording set. / Photo by Grosby Group.

At 52, Jennifer Lopez is notoriously changing the perception of age and beauty. In the past, old age was already noticeable at the age that the singer now has. However, she appears to be entering 35 years of age.

On the other hand, even though JLo looks beautiful and elegant with this look, it is striking that her butt does not stand out with white pants, fitted to the hip. Could it be that because of so much exercise, in the style of when she was A Rod’s girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez is losing curves in her butt?

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