Who is Chuck Wepner? The Rocky Balboa of life…

Without a doubt some of the most exciting stories in world boxing, we tell you Who chuck wepner. In LEFT PUNCH you can see how his life served to build and write the script for the movie of Rocky.

He is considered an ordinary boxer who fought in clubs for money, but suddenly he got the chance of a lifetime. Few know him, but even the same Wepner sued Sylvester Stallone for exploiting its history through a film.

Who is Chuck Wepner? The real life Rocky Balboa

He was born on February 26, 1938, in Bayonne, New Jersey, United States. He never belonged to the boxing elite. Quite the opposite: an unknown who never won a title, but who was loved in nightclubs for his charisma in presentations.

Who is Chuck Wepner?
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His negative record is that all his losses were by way of knockout. Of course, some boxing greats beat him: George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Joe Bugner and Duane Bobick. When he was 37 years old, on the verge of retirement, and thanks to an offer from Don KingHe got a fight for the world heavyweight championship.

Chuck would receive a payment of 100,000 dollars, the problem is that Foremanhis opponent, lost to Muhammad Ali, so his opportunity was in limbo. To everyone’s surprise, Ali agreed to expose the WBC and WBA belts to a complete unknown in 1975.

The champion was in the best moment of his career, so the bets favored him 30 to 1. The media described the veteran as a boxer: “A wide block of heart and dreams, one of the last club fighters, of those who They give you everything they have, they turn the ring into a purple sea and they keep asking for more.”

Muhammad He began dominating the fight without problems, while the rival was taking the punishment. The surprise came in the ninth round, when Wepner He began to unleash a flurry of punches and one of them sent Ali to the canvas, who had not fallen for several years.

The challenger was bathed in blood, while the champion stood in a daze before the count of 10. Ali went all out, but the contender would not budge. Both reached the 15th round in an applauded fight.

Chuck He was about to send the battle to decision, but 19 seconds before it was over, he put a leg on the mat. Due to the damage to the eyebrows, the referee went to the corner to ask how many fingers he saw. Without any visibility, he answers that three thanks to the pinches of his trainer.

The referee realizes that the coach makes the signal and decides to end the function.

The Rocky Balboa Story

According to chuck wepner, Sylvester Stallone contacted him after the fight, congratulated him and told him that he was going to write a movie with his story. A year later, Rocky was released, a boxer that tells his rising story and is very similar to that of “The Bleeder of Bayonne”.

After the saga was so successful, in 2003, the High Court of New Jersey received a lawsuit for the rights to the boxer’s story. Wepner He demanded 15 million dollars. This after saying that the actor promised compensation, but did not keep his word.

In 2006 they reached an agreement, although the amount that was paid was not revealed, it is believed that it comprised more than 10 million dollars.

Stallone has never denied that his script is based on the boxer’s story. Chuck is currently running his liquor store.


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