What happened to Will Smith after the slap to Chris Rock?

He was one of the most mediatic actors, he liked to be in contact with his followers and was very active on social networks. His life changed after the ceremony. the oscars. What could have been the best day of his life, since he took home his first statuette, turned into a nightmare. Will Smith he got carried away by his emotions and made the mistake that will probably haunt him all his life. A joke in bad taste Chris Rock about the appearance of his wife, who has suffered from alopecia for years, provoked the anger of the Hollywood star. She got up from her seat and slapped his partner stunned, like the rest of the public, who came to think that it was a performance.

Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock stars at the 2022 Oscars

Little or nothing is known about the actor, who has since disappeared. Will Smith has maintained during these months a low profilefar from the media spotlight. Even the paparazzi have had a hard time photographing him. However, we have continued to see his wife, the other protagonist of this story. Jada Pinkett was the first to speak out, assuring that her family was in “healing” process. For her, a reconciliation between Chris Rock and her husband is still possible. “I want them to have the opportunity to heal, talk about this and reconcile“, he confessed in his Facebook program Red Table Talkwhere we will surely see Will Smith sitting down in the future to talk about what happened.

A rehabilitation clinic and a trip to India

Will Smith is going through one of his worst moments. It was one of the most beloved actors among the public, the same one that condemned him after the incident at the Oscar Awards gala. This setback left him “devastated“, as Tyler Perry, a friend of the actor and one of the attendees at the ceremony who came to chat with him after the slap, confessed. So much so, that Smith needed therapy and voluntarily went to a rehab clinic deluxe. Information published by the newspaper The Sun last April.

Right after, the performer was photographed in India. A spiritual journey who was accompanied by his wife. The truth is that in the images you can see smiling and animatedserving their fans. Local media such as the Hindustan Times claimed that Smith traveled to India to meet Sadhguru, a spiritual leader the actor already knew.

I’m legend 2, the possible return of Will Smith to the industry

Weeks before the Oscar Awards ceremony, Warner had announced that I’m legendthe post-apocalyptic film starring Will Smith, would have a sequel that would also have the actor. In this second installment I would also be Michael B Jordan. His controversial participation in the Oscars could have caused its cancellation, but it seems that the project is still standing. “The script is developing and his character is logically mentioned. As far as it goes, Will is still involved in the project. The concept and the story have yet to be received.” approval of the Warner Bros studios, but they have not ruled directly on a hypothetical departure of the actor,” a source explained to the British newspaper The Sun. Also, Will Smith would also be the producer.

Will Smith could be waiting the right time to return to the industry. “The very negative feelings towards him have been disappearing in recent weeks. It seems that the world wants to look forward thanks to stories like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Of course, Will is doing everything he can to recover. He will therapy and has taken his time out of the spotlight,” adds the source. When will he reappear? It remains an unknown.

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