Tom Cruise will take a dizzying figure thanks to the blockbuster of Top Gun: Maverick

MADRID, July 6. (CultureLeisure) –

Tom Cruise brought Pete Mitchell back to life in Top Gun: Mavericksequel released in 2022 and directed by Joseph Kosinski. In addition to retaking one of his most iconic roles, the film has meant a round business for the actor and producer.

In an article for Puck, entertainment reporter Matthew Belloni discusses the deal Cruise and his legal team struck for the related sequel. The actor, who has just turned 60, signed an installment contract by virtue of which, first of all, he was paid $12.5 million in advance. Furthermore, it was agreed that I would get 10% of the profits generated by the film.

Right now, the worldwide box office of the film is around 1,115.2 million dollarsstanding in the top 5 box office in North America. It’s worth noting that Cruise doesn’t start making box office profits until Paramount hits the box office. $125 million in revenueand generally take about half of the box office gross domestically and slightly less internationally.

If the movie reaches $1.3 billionwhich seems most likely, Paramount’s revenue would be about 600 million dollars. Cruise would take about 10% of that figure, that is, about 55 or 60 million dollars.

These profits correspond only to the projection of the film in theaters. Cruise will also receive benefits for homemade formats, video on demand and streaming. It is not clear what his profit would be, but Belloni estimates that eventually Cruise will earn between $80 million and $90 million for his work on Top Gun: Maverick.

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