They build in Minecraft an area very similar to the Infonavit residences

The popular exploration and construction game, Minecraftcontinues to talk between the old and the new generations, since despite the years that have passed, the title has worked to recognize the great talent and imagination that people have to create a virtual world and now a residential area very famous in Mexico has appeared.

A series of players with a great imagination have blown the fence and decided to create a world where there is a residential area of ​​Infonavit-type houses. Yes, as you just read! This type of Mexican housing appeared within Minecraft and it’s totally amazing.

Through a TikTok video of the user it was shown that somewhere in the famous play There is an area like this, where the buildings look the same as each other and it is a characteristic of these houses in Mexico, but each one has a sign, object or something that differentiates each one in the garden.

What a beautiful residential 🤗 #minecraft #minecraftmemes #mexico

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According to the user, to access this area you need the permission of the mayorin addition to having the latest game updates to be able to live the experience of being in a typical Mexican residential area within a virtual world.

Without a doubt, the players have had a great imagination to be able to recreate in detail this type of areas that exist in Mexico, but with all the style of pictures and pixels that is what characterizes Minecraft. Meanwhile, with this, you could no longer ask for a loan, since just by asking for permission you can have your own little house.

Just like this area, there could be millions more and it is that the world of Minecraft it is very extensive. Have you found something Mexican inside Minecraft?


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