the alternate ending with a happy ending that you didn’t see

If you like post-apocalyptic movies, you’ve probably seen I’m legend. It has it all, action, adventure, drama, suspense, and at the same time it is also moving. Will Smith brings to life the virologist Robert Neville, immune to A virus that affects all of humanity. Your goal is to get the antidote while defending against the mutants, aggressive creatures that have been infected. If you haven’t seen the feature film yet and don’t know what we’re talking about, stop reading because we’re going to spoil the ending for you. SPOILER ALERT!!

The death of her dog Samantha, her only companion, has already left us touched, but that ending that we witnessed in that last scene was epic. Robert Neville, trapped next to two other survivors in the laboratory where the virologist carried out his experiments, he is aware that they will not survive, unless he is the one who sacrifice your life for them. Surrounded by mutants, he gets Anna Montez and little Ethan to safety. He hands them a sample of your blood hoping that one day they can use it as an antidote.

He then grabs a grenade and engages the creatures, all to save humanity. Anna and Ethan manage to get out alive thanks to Neville and reach Vermont, where he awaits them. a colony of survivors. The sample serves as a cure and the character of Will Smith is remembered as a hero. Impossible to hold back the tears!

The alternative ending that would lead to a second part

If happy endings are your thing, you’ll probably prefer the alternate ending that Warner didn’t want you to see until now. In this version Will Smith faces the mutants in his laboratory, where he takes refuge with Anna and Ethan. Do you remember why the creatures got there? Neville had in his custody one of his own, a mutant he experimented on to achieve the cure. It was precisely for this reason that the rest of the group began to persecute him, specifically the leader, who seemed to have some link with the infected woman. The truth is that the mutants seemed preserve some humanity.

Neville is cornered, so he decides to risk his life and go out to return the body of the woman, who seems ill. He tries to save her, but is unsuccessful. Still, the mutants recognize his intentions and let him escape with Anna and Ethan. An open ending that would give rise to a sequel. Warner already announced it earlier this year: I’m legend will have a second part that, probably, starts from this alternative ending, because it seems that it will also star Will Smith. This time, he will have another companion, the Hollywood star Michael B Jordan. Little else is known about this sequel, which will come to light fifteen years later.

The tragic end that Richard Matheson wrote in his novel

Neither ending matches the original version. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous novel from 1954 written by Richard Matheson. In it, the mutants are actually a kind of vampires who have created their own society in which Neville is the bad guy, who tries to kill them, the real monster. He ends up understanding that the Earth has a new civilization and that it is he who is left over, that is why he surrenders and accepts his death when they decide to execute him. A tragic end that has nothing to do with what we have seen on the screen.

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