Stranger Things: A spinoff of ‘Stranger Things’ and another live action of ‘Death Note’: the new projects of the Duffer brothers

Dafter that ‘Stranger Things’ would be again the cultural phenomenon and trendsetter which was when they premiered their first season, it seems that it is just the beginning of an even bigger project of its creators, the duffer brotherswho have just announced the creation of ‘Upside Down Pictures’, a new production company with which they will make a spinoff of the series that saw them succeed, a project based on the work of Stephen King and another live action of Death Note.

What’s next for Stranger Things?

Now that the fourth season is over, it has been confirmed that there will be a fifth season, although this project has hardly been confirmed and has not even been written, but they planned it that way from the beginning. That is why ‘Stranger Things’ can not be longer: no chance of a sixth season. However, it is not the end of this universe.

The Duffer brothers confirmed that one of Upside Down Pictures’ first projects to be a new story in the same universe of his first opera, which will be done in conjunction with the production company Sonia FriedmanStephen Daldry (‘The Crown’, ‘Billy Elliot’, and ‘The Reader’), who will also serve as director and, of course, Netflix. This project will also be live action.

The creators of Stranger Things will make an adaptation of Death Note

After the kick in the nostalgia that Netflix gave us with his unfortunate adaptation of ‘Death Note’, the Duffer brothers have requested to make their own attempt. First, not with a movie, but with a series. Although Netflix could get their hands on the project, it should excite us: if one thing was clear from the film, it was that there was no one in the production room who was a fan of the manga or the anime. And it is evident that the Duffer brothers are the oos needed for this job.

More projects for the Upside Down

The producer will also make a completely original new series with Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthewscreators of ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’the puppet series based on the film ‘The Dark Crystal’ that caused such a sensation on Netflix for its revolutionary animation.

In addition to this, they have confirmed an adaptation of the novel ‘The Talisman’ written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. This gets better: Upside Down Pictures working in conjunction with Amblin Entertainment (by Steven Spielberg) and Paramount Television To create this series, I had to tell the story of a young man who divides his life between New Hampshire and an alternate world called “The Territories”. Ah look for an artifact to save his mother.

Yes, sounds very much in the vein of Stranger Thingshowever, this story is much more of horror with fantasy titles, at least that’s what he said Matt Duffer. However, Stranger Things also has these elements. Anyway, It is clear that they are the ones for this project.

So luckily we will have ms Upside Down for a while, without the need to burn a story that already made us so happy. you already saw the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’?

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