Scientists name an African tree in honor of Leonardo DiCaprio

Beyond being one of the most reputable actors in the industry (and in all probability one of the best), Leonardo Dicaprio he has always wanted to harness fame in a way that served his philanthropic interests. That is, that the star of titanica He is an inveterate ecologist, who takes the preservation of the environment tremendously seriously to the point that he does not talk about anything else on his social networks. The 51.7 million followers that he has on Instagram come across multiple infographics, videos and calls to action on ecosystems in danger every day, to the point that he has no trouble linking his most recent film to this work.

Leonardo DiCaptrio, Jennifer Lawrence and Timothée Chalamet in 'Don't Look Up'

DiCaprio stars don’t look up, the new Netflix sensation that has become the third most watched film of its history in parallel to giving a lot of talk on social networks. The actor, who never usually uses his profile to promote his work, in this case has broken his rule to emphasize the message of the film: “Scientists years ago predicted the detrimental effects of climate change that we are experiencing now. We must listen to the scientists and take the necessary measures to mitigate the crisis.” It is clear, then, that he agreed to work on the film by Adam McKay because of how it fit their activist concerns.

All this in the end has led to a surprising prize, according to BBCNews. And it is that the first new plant officially baptized so far in 2022… bears his name. Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, have baptized in honor of the actor of don’t look up a species of tree from the African jungle of Cameroon. Is named ‘Uvariopsis dicaprio’ and belongs to the ylang-ylang family, small evergreen tropical trees found in “critical danger” of extinction. The team is doing everything possible to preserve it.

His striking baptism, moreover, and as explained by Dr. Martin Check, is because DiCaprio was crucial in stopping the felling of the Ebo forest, in the coastal region of Cameroon. British scientists recognize that the actor has been of great help to environmental efforts, which is why they wanted to honor him in this beautiful way.

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