San Lorenzo points to Atlético de Madrid and San Luis in their claim for the transfer of Berterame

Matías Lammens, leader of the Ciclón, assures that both teams evaded their monetary responsibility with them

The San Lorenzo de Almagro feel hurt by the Athletic Saint Louis and of Atletico Madridnot so because Montereywhich ended up taking over the federal rights of German Berterame23-year-old Argentine striker who already had his first training session with the scratched.

The San Lorenzo de Almagro is claiming a 40 percent of Germán Berterame’s letter and not 30as some journalistic media in Argentina assure.

Exclusively for ESPNthe leader of San Lorenzo, Matthias Lammensmade the matter clear and confirmed what until now were rumors about a disagreement on the part of the Cyclone.

On Monday, Duilio Davino defined the Monterey Club about the payment situation you are claiming San Lorenzo for the transfer of German Berterameby holding that “both the player and scratched, we have nothing to do; Yes San Lorenzo I had an agreement with a team, it has to do directly with that team.”

lammens endorsed the position of the president of the Monterey and pointed to the ‘Athletics‘ to evade his monetary liability to them, for the sale of German Berterame to the royals in a figure close to 8 million euros, as has transpired.

German Berterame was formed in the lower forces of the San Lorenzo de Almagro and remained there until 2019.

when emigrating Berterame to the Athletic Saint Louisthe Argentine club kept 40 percent of their rights, so the San Lorenzo today is demanding the corresponding payment for the transfer of the player in definitive transfer to Monterey Club.


Matthias Lammens stated verbatim:San Lorenzo he had 40 percent of the player’s chip. Being free from Athletic Saint Louis and pass in that condition to Atletico Madrid, San Lorenzo loses that 40 percent… It’s striking, because the player didn’t even spend a day in Madrid and went straight to Monterey“.

He also stressed: “Athletic Saint Louis Y Atletico Madrid they belong to same group. It is evident the damage a San Lorenzobut it has nothing to do Monterey with this”.

He was asked about whether the alleged complaint to FIFA had already been filed by the San Lorenzoclaiming what he gets from the player’s sale, to which he replied:

“What I told him, is all he has San Lorenzo to say,” he said. Matthias Lammens to this portal.

Likewise, the manager refused to clear up doubts as to whether there would have been fraud in this transfer, by the player and/or his agent.


Given what was indicated by the member of the San Lorenzo a ESPNa spokesman for Athletic Saint Louis responded directly to this portal regarding the case of German Berterame.

The Potosino club pointed out that they have not received a notification from the Cyclonenor of any other instance involved, such as FIFA.

“What I can tell you is that the club has not received any notificationnor by San Lorenzomuch less by FIFA, or any other institution, for which there is no position, “he explained.

Likewise, he finally cited that “in the event that any notification arrives, we will gladly be able to generate a position based on it.”

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